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Here is The Review of 8 Best Cheap Longboards of 2021 under $100

best cheap longboards for beginners

For a teenager or college student, longboards are a great way to spend time. It not only helps a refreshed mind but also supports physically for improving activity.

Most brands come with longboards in a good variety of price choices. However, picking the right longboards at a cheap price is a hard task for beginners. However, not anymore.

As I have come with 8 best cheap longboards reviews that are great in quality, features, and durability for daily use. So, without wasting any time, let’s find out all the longboards now!

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Top 8 Best Cheap Longboards 2021 Reviews

For a beginner, it is quite a big task to find the right affordable longboard that has good quality. Yet not anymore as I have come with my favorite 8 best inexpensive longboards that are great in everything a beginner needs. So, let’s get started with the reviews:




Here is The Review of 8 Best Cheap Longboards of 2021 under $100 1

EasyGoProducts Mini Cruiser Wood Longboard


Here is The Review of 8 Best Cheap Longboards of 2021 under $100 2

Atom Pin-Tail Longboard


Here is The Review of 8 Best Cheap Longboards of 2021 under $100 3

Atom Lowrider Longboard


Here is The Review of 8 Best Cheap Longboards of 2021 under $100 4

DINBIN 41 Inch Drop Through Longboards


Here is The Review of 8 Best Cheap Longboards of 2021 under $100 5

WHOME Longboards Skateboard


Here is The Review of 8 Best Cheap Longboards of 2021 under $100 6

Kryptonics 36" Longboard


Here is The Review of 8 Best Cheap Longboards of 2021 under $100 7

Quest Super cruiser artisan bamboo longboard


Here is The Review of 8 Best Cheap Longboards of 2021 under $100 8

SCSK8 natural longboard


EasyGoProducts Mini Cruiser Wood Longboard

This mini crusader wood longboard from the EasyGoProducts comes with a lightweight and portable design for you to enjoy it anyplace. It also makes sure good looks and unique stable designs so that you can ride well with good control. So, here are some features of this product:

  • Custom Reverse Kingpin:

This longboard on top comes with a custom reverse kingpin that sits in lower for giving users better stability. It is also great for a wide stance and excellent turning when doing a free ride.

  • Ideal for Travel Use:

It on top comes in lightweight and small in size that is great for traveling around. This board is great to put inside your bag, school locker, attach to the backpack, and even can put on when traveling via airplane.

  • Amazing Bearings Support:

This board also comes with ABEC 9 bearings that make sure users are getting faster performance when riding. It also makes sure better spinning of the wheels to roll fast.

  • Good Quality Wheels:

The wheels of this longboard have a 58 mm in diameter and smooth on working for getting good traction when turning. It on top makes sure you are riding over street cracks with no impact.

EasyGoProducts Mini Cruiser Wood Longboard



Atom Pintail Longboards

If you want the best affordable longboards that area great in quality and features for lifelong enjoyment, then The Atom’s longboard is the finest bet. It is not only great in looks but also supportive to give you grips for riding in the street. So, here are some features of this product:

  • Standard kingpin Support:

This board comes with a stable 35-degree base standard or traditional style kingpin that gives you better precision. It on top sit in higher and great for better control too. This thing also gives you better handling.

  • Strong Hangers Benefits:

It on top comes with sturdily designed hangers that are made of aluminum that lasts for a good period. This hanger as well as has 6 inches diameter that makes sure better control to ride. 

  • Amazing Rounded Wheels:

This board also comes with 4 78A high rounded lip wheels that make sure perfect rolling for better cruising. It on top makes sure no snag of less speed even if riding in uneven or rough roads.

  • Amazing Grip Supports:

Amazingly, this longboard comes with durable 80 grit silicon carbide grip tape that makes sure no slip trouble. It also allows you to reap all the stability when riding.

Atom Pin-Tail Longboard



Atom Lowrider Longboards

The Atom Lowride longboard comes with an amazing carver shape that features pintail deck design. It on top has a strong and durable deck that makes sure no trouble on riding in different styles. This thing allows users to learn new tricks too. Yet, here are some features of the board:

  • Adjustable Truck Benefits:

This board on top comes with an adjustable truck position that makes sure users get a better turn or slide with no snag. It also has pre-drilled binding holes that crave up the street at ease.

  • Great Axle Support:

It comes with a sturdy axle nut that is made of metal at around 8.5 inches in diameter. This thing on top makes sure a good fit when installing the board wheels to never give a loose feel.

  • 4 Strong Wheels:

This board on top comes with 4 strong 70 mm or 78A wheels that are made of urethane to protect from excessive heat, cold, or moisture. It also makes sure better to roll up when riding in the street.

  • Sleek and Lightweight Benefits:

Basically, this longboard comes with a super sleek frame that is light in weight for easy pushing and riding. It also makes sure faster speed too.

Atom Lowrider Longboard



DINBIN 41 Inch Drop Through Longboard

One of the best cheap longboards for beginners to try out is the DINBIN’s 41-inch longboard. It on top comes with a great design that is ideal for dancing, curving, freeride slide, freestyle, and hill ride so that both teens and adults can try. Yet, here are some features of this board:

  • 8 Ply Deck Support:

This board on top comes with high solidity 8 layer of flex hardwood maple deck that can take load around 330 lbs in total. It is also great for anyone to enjoy for a longer period of time.

  • Great Bushings:

It comes with rugged ultra-high rebound brushing that makes sure you achieve better looks with or without paining. This thing on top allows you to paint or decorate your skateboard with no snag.

  • Great Maneuverability:

This longboard as well as comes with non-slip sandpaper on the grip that makes sure you ride with better maneuverability. The truck of this longboard also allows you to turn or slide at ease.

  • Good Client Support:

By and large, the brand given client support is super helpful for getting solutions to product-related problems. They also give users good tricks and advice that make things simple.

DINBIN 41 Inch Drop Through Longboards



WHOME Longboards Skateboard

The special longboard from the WHOME brand comes with a versatile design that is great for cruising and freestyling. It on top is a great pick for any skilled people no matter what age they have. This board also has good quality and value. Yet, here are some features of this board:

  • Strong Deck Benefits:

This longboard comes with a strong deck that is made of 8 layers of alpine hard rock maple wood. It on top has 31 inches height and 8.25 inches width that can load weight for up to 1898 lbs.

  • Premium Grip Tape:

It also comes with premium OS780 grip tape that gives a good amount of traction to ride better. This thing on top makes sure better skateboarding to find more stability and control on the road.

  • Amazing Wheels Support:

The wheel of this board has 80A PU wheels that give a good grip to the road while riding or performing basic tricks. It also makes sure you are turning in good ability and control at fast speed.

  • Great Quality Assurance:

The brand comes with 12 months of quality assurance for their beloved buyers to have a replacement. They also give friendly customer service to solve issues.

WHOME Longboards Skateboard



Kryptonics 36” Longboard

The Kryptonics 36” longboard comes with a thick and durable maple deck that makes sure better riding in both indoor and outdoor. It on top makes sure you are getting better space and footing to ride in critical surface with no snag. Yet, here are some features of this board.

  • Great Design Minded:

The brand comes with good designed rounded Pintail longboard that allows users to get smooth arcing turns. It on top makes sure you achieve improved speed when riding in different streets with no effort.

  • Strong ABEC 5 Bearings:

It on top comes with ABEC 5 bearings that are made of carbon steel for allowing users to get smoother riding when trying outside. This thing also makes sure you are riding fast with no mishaps.

  • Good Quality Truck:

This board comes with 4 inches polished aluminum trucks that make sure users are getting higher support even when putting heavyweight. It also allows you to get faster speed in every condition.

  • Suitable Age and Weight:

On the whole, this beautiful longboard is suitable for users who are 8 years or older. It also has support weight that should be no more than 220 lbs.  

Kryptonics 36 Longboard



Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Longboard

The Quest Super Cruiser longboard comes with 44 inches size that is assembled in a multi-ply hardwood maple and attractive artisan bamboo deck at chap price. It also makes sure you are performing like an expert by learning new tricks faster. Yet, here are some features of this board:

  • Quality 4 Wheels:

This longboard on top comes with rough and tough 70mm PU wheels that make sure no trouble of shock when riding in uneven ground. It also makes sure better grips in any surface.

  • Genuine ABEC 7 Bearings:

It as well as comes with authentic ABEC 7 bearings that allows user to ride faster with no trouble turning. This thing on top makes sure you are getting no trouble controlling the board.  

  • Decent 7 Ply Deck:

This board comes with an amazing quality deck that is made in 7 layers of super-flex bamboo and hardwood maple. It on top allows you to get more balance and control when riding in the flat or rough ground.

  • 7-inch Aluminum Truck:

And, it comes with a 7-inch truck made of aluminum that makes sure users better performance on the road. The truck also allows you to turn or move in any angle with no trouble.

quest super cruiser artisan bamboo longboard



SCSK8 Natural Longboard

With a sleek and stylish look, the SCSK8 Natural longboard is crafted in 7 ply maple material with four 70mm PU wheels to ride longer. It on top makes sure good control and stability for a beginner or expert to achieve their goals. However, here are some key features of this board.

  • Rough and Tough Truck:

This longboard truck is made of aluminum that makes sure users enjoy the greater performance to learn the trick easily. It also makes sure better pivot and maneuvers to ride like a champion.

  • Precision ABEC 9 Bearings:

It on top comes with red accurate ABEC 9 bearings that make sure faster spinning of wheels when riding the longboard. This thing also only takes one kicks to give you better riding for a good while.

  • Black Grip Tape:

The board also comes with black grip tape on the front surface that makes sure no slip or trip trouble when longboarding. It on top has strong glue attached that won’t remove easily.

  • Suitable for Professional:

It also perfect picks for professional or amateur skater no matter male or female. This thing also has a max weight limit that needs to be less than 220 lbs.

scsk8 natural longboard



Things to Check for the Best Budget Longboards

Finding out the good cheap longboards for you is seems hard but not if you consider a few things. You want to check many things such as quality, durability, and features. Other than that, here are some facts which you want to look into for picking the best in both worlds:

Consider the Wheels Construction and Types

best cheap longboards 2020

The first thing you want to check on a longboard is the wheels that should be durable and great for everyday use. Most good quality wheels of the longboard are made of polyurethane or other synthetic plastics.

As you will pick cheap longboards, you want to check out all-urethane wheels. no matter what budget you have a plan for picking longboard, check the wheels dimensions too which should come in between 70mm diameter by 40-65mm width.

Therefore, you want to consider the wheels type too. There are two main types of wheels which are round lip and square. Here are the details of them:

  • Round Lip Longboard Wheels

This type of wheels is commonly used on a normal longboard. Just like its name, it has a rounded edge that gives less footing when turning or sliding. The round lip on top is quite easier to slide on than the other types. This type of wheels is also great for freestyle riders.

  • Square Lip Longboard Wheels

Square lip shape longboard wheels are quite different from the others. It on top has a blend of round and square shape that angle in a 90° sharp edge. This type of wheels is great for finding more traction when turning or sliding. It also helps to avoid sliding snag. The square-lipped wheels are good for downhill and carving.

Test the Truck

You want to check the truck before going with a longboard for not regretting it later. Most trucks are made of aluminum and alloy that make sure a better capacity of holding the weight.

For that reason, you want to make sure your chosen longboard comes with a stable and durable truck for holding the weight. The longboard truck also should come with rust or aging trouble. And, it is better if you come with 180 mm or more diameter truck width.

Since you want cheap price longboards, it’s vital to check out the quality, truck height, tightness, and stiffness.

Pick One Based On the Deck

best inexpensive longboards 2020

Another thing which you want to consider is the deck before going to the market. Most good quality longboards at cheap prices are made of maple, birch wood, bamboo, carbon fiber, and composite materials.  

The deck should be comfortable to put the feet in and longboarding for a long time. Despite the price is inexpensive, you want to make sure the deck is good enough to last longer.

Especially if you are a beginner, you want a longboard that has more layers deck for more weight and strong feel.

For that reason, make sure you are going with a longboard after checking the deck depending on riding style. 

Think About the Bearings

good cheap longboards

If you want a longboard for your daily use, you want to check the bearings before picking one. The bearings are a special part in the wheels spin on the axle that is made of metal.  

When picking a longboard in a low price, it should have standard bearings that help the wheels spinning to hold back freely. The standard bearings also should gives less friction when riding for a long period. And, it should perform great for faster spinning to shorten the time.

Good quality bearings on top are measured by the ABEC rating to give you better accuracy. Cheap longboard bearings should have at least ABEC 5. In the rating, ABEC 7 is the better for faster performance and ABEC 9 is fastest.   

So, makes sure your chosen longboard has a standard ABEC rate that is fine to rolls in flat or uneven grounds.  

Look at the Grip Tape

You definitely want to check the grip tape that should have rough and tough glue. As grip tape usually gives more control riding and helps to avoid slippage, you want to ensure that your chosen longboard comes with good grip tape.

It is basically a simple tape that is designed in the deck concave or camber curving. A good quality grip tape will never wear off easily even if you ride for a long hour. So, be sure to check the grip tape even if you are investing a small amount of money on the longboard.

Check the Axle

best budget longboards 2020

The axle is another aspect that you want to ensure before going with a longboard. It is actually a long pin that runs inside the hanger to make sure it is attached well to the wheels. You don’t want a longboard that has a hitch of the axel. So, ensure that before picking one.

Inspect the Hanger

Of course, you want to look into the hanger for getting a good longboard with no snag. The hanger is a special part made of metal or aluminum and designed in a triangle shape. This thing on top makes sure to support the pins to run through it easily. For that reason, makes sure you are getting stable hanger support when choosing a decent longboard at a cheap price.

Traditional Vs. Reverse Kingpin

The most common types of kingpin are traditional or standard and reverse. These two types of kingpins are great for riding in different styles. You want to know them before picking any longboard.

Traditional or standard kingpin is positioning in higher and gives good control. But, it has less stability.  Yet, this type of kingpin is great for clearance and maneuverability.

On the other hand, reverse kingpin is positioning in lower and greater stability than the others. This type of kingpin is good for downhill, carving, cruising, freeride, and freestyle. Yet, it has less control than the standard kingpin.

Check the Bushings

best affordable longboards 2020

Last but not least thing you want to make sure when looking for a longboard is the bushings. It is in fact a smooth urethane ring that is fitted roughly in the kingpin. This thing not only allows you to turn smoothly but also pivot perfectly. Thus, makes sure to check the bushings of your chosen longboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Longboards made of good quality comes at not more than 90$ to 150$ dollars in a total. Depending on the quality level, the longboard can comes at a higher or lower price value. However, you can achieve a better quality longboard at a cheap price if it comes with discount benefits. But, it would still have some difference than a higher value longboard.

If you are a beginner, the longboard is a great option to try out. It is made for anyone who prefers enjoyable longer and more stability when riding. Longboards are worth trying to pass time in a cool way. It also allows users to get tough tricks in no time. Besides, the longboards have smooth wheels than skateboards to cruise easily.

To spend time on your first longboard, it actually depends on your skill and desire. Basically, you want to spend about 75$ to 150$ dollars if you like to longboarding as a pastime. However, if you want a longboard at a reasonable price point, then you should spend 55$ to 100$ dollars.

The final words...

After reading out the best cheap longboards reviews, you definitely want to ensure everything for getting the right one. For that, you want to make sure to watch some YouTube videos about reviews, pros, and cons for understanding which product is good for you.

Since you are interested in spending money less, you cannot expect good quality features and durability. However, we have selected the best ones that are good in many ways for long-term benefits.

Therefore, I hope this guide helped you giving unique ideas to find good quality longboard at a cheap price and hope you’ll try my favorite picks that are amazing for daily use. Good luck!

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