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Albott Stunt Scooter Reviews [Top Quality Only Under $75]

Stunt scooters are undoubtedly the most astounding thing to see in skate parks. The sick moves and the incredible tricks are something that both adults and kids seem to enjoy.

However, they might become a headache for you when your child starts getting intensely interested in them. And if you have a wild kid who’s too venturesome to wait anymore for doing such risky tricks himself, you can’t just leave him precarious with an ordinary kid scooter. You must get him the right stunt scooter to cut short the safety concerns.

That’s why in this Albott stunt scooter reviews, we bring you an in-depth view of one of the best beginner-friendly kid pro-scooters in the market. So stick around.

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Albott Stunt Scooter Reviews

The husky structure of the Albott Pro hasn’t stopped it being a lightweight stunt scooter, thanks to its sturdy yet light in weight components.

Let’s now look at its key features more closely and find out what specialities it has to offer.


Both the integrated deck and the headset of this stunt scooter is made of high-quality steel and aluminium alloy. The deck measures 4.2” W x 19.3” L, which provides adequate room for learning the stunts while it’s also perfectly balanced for stomping the tailwhips.

Since the deck is pretty much the backbone of a scooter, it needs to be sturdy enough for the necessary support while doing the tricks. And that strength is what you can expect from its high-grade alloy build, which nearly matches aircraft-grade aluminum.

The fully integrated alloy deck comes with eye-catching graphics as well to boost up your child’s enthusiasm even more.


The scooter comes with wheels that measure 3.9 inches in diameter. It’s the measurement that many professional freestylers and even a few competitive stuntmen prefer for their scooter wheels.

These wheels are made of a PU+PC combo and have a 7-spoke design, which ensures safer landings. Besides, the makers have perfected the gestalt with different dimensions, profiles, hardness, and cores to make sure it yields the optimal strength.

Moreover, the wheels come associated with ABEC 7 bearings for providing much smoother trick-rides. Since it’s essential to focus on cleanliness when freestyling, it’s better to make it look more natural to others as much as possible. And these wheels can undoubtedly assist the rider in doing so.


Anyone who happens to keep up with the trend knows how earnestly the pro-riders and enthusiasts emphasize on securing the clamp tight. So, no wonder why the Albott Pro comes with a 31.5mm Alu triple clamp, which genuinely shows their concerns regarding the potential issues. After all, the best of the stuntmen always keep a check on their security, and so should your kid.


Both the fork and the headset are made with reinforced steel burner hi-tensile alloys. It clearly denotes the duo was prepared with longevity and durability in mind. With the fact that the fork needs to be strong enough for supporting the front wheel, this construction gives you more relief on that concern.

The fork augments through the headset to the bars to join up with the clamp. It ensures a much better fit where the integrated headset perfectly aligns to provide excellently smooth fork rotations. The combination assures of much-needed flexibility required in a pro-scooter.


The high-tensile T-bars of this scooter is made of steel having a length of 16.5-inch and 20-inch width. That is undoubtedly solid enough a size for every growing rider to cope with. Besides, it’s upgradable.

With each rider preferring a specific width and height, your kid needs to pick a size that complies well with his body structure. And considering the age group ranging from eight years and beyond, you can expect the bar size of this scooter to outstandingly provide your child with the proper balance he needs.

More so, the bar can lean back whenever needed, instead of holding on to the horizontal state. It has the degrees of sweep to allow a rider to pick any riding style.


You get a quick-responding steel flex fender brake with this scooter. It can be referred to as a pre-bent long metal plate that fits around the rear wheel, and it comes attached to the scooter deck with screws.

It’s a convenient braking system that allows you to halt the scooter instantly with the push of backheel. And you can also choose to slow it down instead of stopping it by controlling the degree of the force.

However, these brakes usually last for a relatively shorter span because of the way they work. Besides, it’s nearly impossible to utilize them without noise.


The weight often makes a difference while attempting to try out the tricks. Usually, for performing the tricks better and doing them with minimal effort, the scooter needs to be as lightweight as possible. However, it depends mostly on the rider.

This particular scooter weighs around 7 pounds, which kids of age eight or more will find conveniently lightweight for sure. And it’s sturdy enough to withstand up to 220 lbs of weight competently.


A compression system is necessary for reducing the potential slack that is likelier to appear on a trick scooter sooner or later. The Albott Pro has incorporated Mini HIC compression with a double clamp for compressing the bars on the forks, which ensure the maximum slack reduction.

Is Albott Pro Stunt Scooter Good?

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The Bottom Line...

The Albott Stunt Pro undoubtedly stands out as one of the best stunt scooters for 8-year-olds and up. When you consider all the top-notch components, safety features as well as the unmatched convenience it provides at such an affordable price, it’s undeniably the best stunt scooter that you can gift your child.

We hope this albott stunt scooter reviews will help you make the right decision.

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