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Fun, Fast, but not Furious! A Genuine Elos Skateboard Reviews

Elos Urban Cruiser Skateboard

What feels like the most monotonous, adventureless, soul-sucking activity of all? It’s you moving on your way to the office. But there’s a way this tiring commute can be jazzed up, making you reach your destination in half the time and in a perfectly environment-friendly way.

Today’s Elos skateboard review is all about a fun, fast, and compact mini cruiser that will help you learn and cruise along under the sun with the most feel-good features you can find. We’re talking of things as stunning as carrying your board inside your bag. Read along!

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Elos Skateboard Reviews

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Elos Urban Cruiser Skateboards

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Who Are Elos For?

Elos eggboards
Elos egg skateboards
Elos eggboard

One of the best urban cruiser skateboards out there, Elos had its base in making family and friends learn and ride together. In that sense, it is made for everyone. The concept of Effortless Lifestyle of Skateboarding, or what is called Elos in short, was backed by 600 Kickstarters from far and wide.

If you are a lifelong skater, a newbie who has recently taken the goal to learn skateboarding or a learner of Eggboard cruising, you will find it easy to cruise with. Even if you are a non-skateboarder, you will soon transform into one, thanks to the sole reason why Elos makes going from A to B the most fun adventures to be on. Off to college, cruising for a quick doughnut, or flexing a little, Elos is versatile.

Elos Skateboard Reviews

Elos Skateboards

Let’s see why we think this is the best egg skateboard:

Design, Deck, and Wheels

Elos egg-board

Since 2003, the original concept of the board has entirely changed. But they have kept what riders loved, only making the board lighter and smoother to cruise with. It is designed to fit into the urban lifestyle of cruisers. It has a scratch-proof surface coating that makes any fabric you bring closer to it safe and sound.

The extra-wide design of the deck also gives it stability. The design is actually inspired by race cars and helps the board retain the said stability with the low center of gravity. The soft wheels make it super easy and buttery smooth for you to ride too! These wheels are also essential to let beginners balance.

The boards are all hand-made with hard rock maple of American origin, and the available colors are Maroon Red, Maple, Blue, and Gray.

Weight and Space

Are elos boards good
Elos egg skateboard

This compact skateboard weighs as much as your laptop or even less. At 2 kilos, it easily fits into your backpack and is easy to carry around from place to place and takes less space too. Quite a lightweight find!


elos board review
Elos board

The Table-Dock system of Elos speaks of peak portability. You can be in a cafe or just reading outdoors and tuck it in next to any table or desk. An ultraportable board that works and stays everywhere!

Night Riding and Tech-Savvy Deets

There are built-in reflectors in Elos boards that allow you to ride even in the nighttime. In this way, you will be visible to any other vehicle on the road where you ride.

Another techie feature is the QR code scanning that allows you to scan the code and register yourself as the rightful owner, watch tutorials, and access customer support.

Ease of Use

Elos Skateboard

Since these skateboards are for all ages, they are quite easy to use. The low center of gravity and reliable stability are the main reasons behind it. The wheels make the ride smooth and super easy.

Turns and Tricks

Since it can handle sharp turns quite smoothly and still manage not to find you off-balance, and you have an opportunity to do quite a lot of cool tricks.

Elos VS Eggboard


Compared to Eggboards, Elos boards have quite some similarities. They are both lightweight and portable, compact, and fun. There are high-quality bushings in eggboard, which allows you to control it better when you are going downhill. You can’t achieve this merit with Elos unless you are a professional. Again, both the boards are quite stable and practically sturdy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. They are the best kind of urban commuters.

Quite safe, with the grip and control.

Yes. Even beginners can use it.

You can use it on hilly tracts as it is quite versatile and has great wheels. But if you’re going downhill, the speed may be way too much to handle. But it acts excellently for professionals.

Depends on your weight and if there is traffic on the road. Otherwise, pretty fast!

Yes, it is bad. Read more here.

The Bottom Line...

Now, we’re at the end of Elos Skateboard reviews! The bottom line remains that these are some excellent purchases to make given all the useful features it brings along. So, if you haven’t already, grab one of these and tag along!

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