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Roller Derby Alpha 125 Review: Things to Know Before You Buy

roller derby elite alpha 125mm 3 wheel inline skate review

The Roller Derby Elite skates are made for tech-savvy athletes and recreational fitness activities. The inline skate is a perfect combo of style and comfort that skaters can’t ignore. It is packed with immense features to provide the best service in every aspect to the skaters.

From the lightweight design to the groundbreaking features, we were impressed with its performance during our Roller Derby Alpha 125 review. It is truly the alpha skate in the present market, and you must try it to enjoy the thrill and fun of skating.

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Roller Derby Alpha 125 Review

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roller derby alpha 125 review

The Roller Derby Elite Alpha is a premium skate from the manufacturer. It targets to provide the best comfort and performance during fitness activities and athletic sessions. Its three wheels and a sporty boot make it nearly unbeatable.

An Advanced Skate

The Alpha inline skaters are purely made for athletes and those who practice recreational fitness activities. Thus, it has excellent detailing in the design and brings the safest features up-front for the skaters.

Its wheel is already a world record holder, which adds to its benefits. Also, you get great boots and lining for a comfy and safe feel. It has a good speedy rolling ability and ideal for both marathon and long-distance skating.

Impressive Bearings and Wheel Design

roller derby elite alpha 125mm wheel

The skate uses three TLTF MFG Speed Wheels with a 125mm size. It is larger than most skate wheels and offers greater stability. Also, larger wheels support speedy rolling over the surface. On top of it, you get a set of Bevo Gold-7 bearings.

The bearings are made of chrome and are free of rust and corrosion attack. Also, the wheels are a world-record holder for a speedy marathon race. Also, the larger wheel and better bearing combine to offer maximum speed and smooth run over debris and bumpy surface.

roller derby elite alpha 125mm review

Comfy Boots with Great Sole and Liner

alpha inline skates

When you race through the roads, parkways, or skate ground with this roller derby elite alpha 125mm 3 wheels inline skate, all you want is comfort and safety in your ankle section. Thankfully, the inline skates for racing ensure you both.

Its boot has an articulated shell. Also, the liner is padded. Thus, you enjoy good support in the ankle and feel comfy too. Also, it supports the full range of motion and maneuverability. On top of it, the boot comes with straps for easy putting in and out facility.

Also, the boots have good ventilation. So, your feet remain sweat and moisture-free even during the longest skating time.

Improved Fit and Safety

Apart from the padded boot liner, the 3 wheel speed skates also feature dual laces and straps. The strap has a quick-release button for quick putting in and out facility. Also, the strapping and laces offer a snug fit with great comfort to your ankle and legs.

The straps further come in handy to transfer the power and bodyweight evenly. Hence, you get a boost in the overall skating speed. And the safety and stability are always a bonus with such padded liners and straps.

Strong and Durable Frame

roller derby elite skates

This pair of Roller Derby Elite Alpha 125mm wheeled skate is made for distance skating. Hence, its frame is lightweight. But it is still strong enough to carry a heavyweight person at ease. The manufacturer has used precision aluminum to build the frame.

The wheels and bearings are durable too. You won’t have to be concerned about the lifespan of this incredible set of skates. And when it comes to changing the wheels, its quick-change axels come forward. It makes the job snappy.

Roller Derby Elite Alpha 125mm Features

roller derby elite alpha 125mm 3 wheel inline skate



Final Words...

The Roller Derby Alpha 125 review found the skates beneficial and affordable considering their high-end features. It has the remarkable wheel setup and speedy maneuverability that you want in quality inline racing skates.

Also, the roller skates uphold a unique design. You will easily find that this the best roller you have ever rolled onto the surfaces, thanks to its brilliant construction and durability. However, be aware of the braking as it lacks a proper brake.

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