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Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Review: A Complete Cruiser Skateboard

While the Penny cruisers have taken the skateboarding world by storm in recent years, it’s hard to be not compelled by the urge to hit the streets with one.

But, if you happen to be a beginner and with the boards being highly-priced, looking elsewhere for a cheaper alternative sounds like more preferable an option. And that’s why Cal-7 mini cruisers are around the corner. This is one of the best skateboards under $50.

So in this Cal 7 mini cruiser review, we will look into the ins and outs of the cruiser board and figure out if it meets your skateboarding demands.

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Cal 7 mini-cruiser Overview

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Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Review

best mini cruiser skateboards

Let’s now take a closer look at the key aspects of this Cal-7 Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard.

The Design

Admit it you’re never up to riding a skateboard that has a flat, toneless design. Keeping the fact in mind, this line of Cal 7 mini cruisers come in different styles and patterns.

A wide range of styles will certainly mess up your preference. You may well get confused to choose the right design that gets along your riding style. The Color Blast and the Snack Attack are the most popular among the series, known for the suitability to all the age groups. Also, the Grafix series having a bold, twisted, classic design, is loved by the funk lovers.

Whether you’re young or not, the bright and vibrant color patterns will surely cheer up the playful personality in you. Also, even if they do not happen to be sounding much like you, you’ll definitely find a skateboard reflecting your attitude. And to make sure you can get into action in no time, an end-to-end grip tape comes pre-applied with the skateboard, allowing you to roll it straight away.

The Deck

While skaters mostly prefer full-wood boards or boards made of carbon-fiber, plastic construction is what primarily defines these Cal-7 mini cruisers.

The 22.5-inch vinyl plastic build may bend on several occasions, but it’s highly unlikely to encounter breakages even under heavy stress. The high-grade components are strong enough to withstand hits without any remarkable damage. You can eliminate the concerns regarding accidental splinterings or even razor tails. Also, the durability of these vinyl plastic boards is bolstered with 7-ply maple.

And interestingly, the plastic board is incredibly lightweight despite the sturdy build. You can expect to carry it around your backpack or in your hand without much effort when not in use.


The high durability urethane wheels of these Cal-7 cruisers measures 59 millimeters in diameter. The size is ideal for beginner riders, especially the juniors, for keeping the balance without difficulties.

As far as stiffness is concerned, the wheels feel softer than most of the street wheels. It’s a feature that allows better rolling-overs on cracks and pebbles while it also adds buoyancy in your riding. No matter if you’re a beginner or a veteran, the soft rides will make you feel like floating above the ground.

Trucks and Bushings

The trucks are one of the most reliable aspects of these Cal-7 mini cruisers, with the brand having been renowned mostly for its premium quality aluminum trucks.

Its 3-inch string aluminum trucks are steady enough to avoid wraps, ensuring you of conveniently stable rides for ages. And you can expect to enjoy enhanced flexibility, for it comes with quality HR95A bushings. Meaning, your carves will be more defined and smooth while doing those pop in flip tricks.

What’s more? The excellent combo is even more perfected with the 3mm raiser pads that come pre-installed with the skateboard. So whether it’s the skating street, ramp, skate park, or pool, no matter how smooth or rough the surfaces are, it promises to deliver top-notch assistance during your skateboarding exploits.


The ABEC 7 bearings of these mini cruisers indicate to a top-grade inclusion that hardly compromises with the skateboard’s performance even in the roughest context. With a higher ABEC (Annular Bearing Engineering Committee) rating, the bearings promise excellent accuracy to provide consistently smoother and faster rides.

Are Cal-7 Mini Cruisers Good?

Here’s our take on what makes the Cal-7 mini cruisers good (or bad?).

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The Bottom Line...

If you’ve been searching for a classy and high-performance cruiser skateboard without breaking the bank, the Cal-7 mini cruiser has to be the up to snuff choice. It’s undoubtedly one of the best mini cruiser skateboards to stand up as a competent alternative of Penny boards offered at an affordable price.

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