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Rimable Complete 22 Skateboard Review (Mini Board for College Campus & Kids)

You can’t deny the fact that choosing one from many options is the hardest job. This happens almost for everything as everything has similar options in the market. You already know what a skateboard is used for, don’t you? And if you are searching for one to buy, here we are with the  Rimable Complete 22 Skateboard Review.

This is one of the most popular mini skateboards for children. The quality of this product is very high thus it is gaining its popularity day by day. 

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Rimable complete 22 skateboard’s Specifications at a glance

Rimable complete 22 skateboard Review

As you are buying this product for your kid you will definitely want something which has good quality and features. Rimable ensures high quality and best features in every product.

Rimable skateboard features reliable and sturdy options to ride outside the house daily. This skateboard is a darling for kids & adults to ride along with 100% fresh material deck, smooth bearings and truck. Yet, here are some key features of this product.

Good Quality Deck

This skateboard comes with dependable quality deck that is basically made of plastic cruisers to assure durability. It as well goes a long way to serve for riding in more areas. This skateboard on top has 22 inches length and 6 inches width to get more space for adults to play.

The deck is made of plastic but it is strong and flexible. So children can easily control and play easily.

High Speed Bearings

It also comes with PU wheels with strong bearings that last longer for riding at high speed. The wheel rolls well and bearings tend to perform well with no need for daily lubrication. With this option, you can ensure better performance while riding in the park or sideroad.


This skateboard is a decent option for riding different styles even when carrying high weight. It, in fact, comes with maximum load weight capability for up to 198 lbs or 90 kgs to ride well. With this option, no matter how weighty you are, it’s optimal pick to get the job done.

Some elegant Color options

Individuals have individual choice of color. Color is for Appearance, For elegance and definitely for customers’ acceptance. Rimable Complete 22 Skateboard have sever different colors for individuals choice.

  • 1. Green & Black
  • 2. Red & Blue
  • 3. Red flower
  • 4. Yellow leaf
  • 5. Black & Green
  • 6. Galaxy
  • 7. Galaxy 2

Other remarkable features

Who is the product for?

The Rimable Complete 22 Skateboard is mainly for kids and beginners. Because Rimable plastic deck can last longer against external environment rather than other wooden skateboard. But it is also suitable for cruisers and commuters. It has amazing feature, gives amazing experience and thrilling ride.

Skating is very interesting and risky at the same time. But those who like skating and want their kids to learn it too can get this skateboard without worrying. It is a very quality product and ensures the safety of your kid. Beginners can also use it as it is beginner-friendly.

If you search online for the Rimable Complete 22 Skateboard Review you will see positive recommendations of this product. 

About the brand

Rimable is one of the renowned brands which ensures amazing and quality skateboards. It has varieties of skateboards depending on your demand.

They come up with new products more often and all of them come out to be amazing. This brand has popularity all over the world. You can get your desired skateboard within a reasonable price range. The good quality and reasonable price range made the brand popular so fast. If you ask people about Rimable they will recommend it without any second thought.

The brand doesn’t have so many skateboard models but the ones they realized gained popularity. So you can believe this brand closing your eyes.

They also give warranty for most of their products. So if you face any problem you can easily contact and get their services.

Advantages of this product

Disadvantages of this product

Allover Rimable 22 Skateboard review

Every product has some pros and cons. The Rimable 22 Skateboard has both positive and negative reviews too. But the number of positive reviews is way bigger in amount than negative ones. If you search you can see whoever used this product gave good reviews of the product. 

And it is hard to find a good quality product at a reasonable price range. From every point of view, this is a great skateboard for kids. If you want to get the best service from it you also have to maintain some specific things. Like you have to make sure you are using it in the right place and in the right way. So, if you use the Rimable skateboard properly it won’t disappoint you. 


  1. Is Rimable a good skateboard?

Answer: We already stated that it is very high quality and best mini skateboards available for kids and teenagers. If you look and compare the features and specifications of this skateboard with some other best skateboards you can easily understand it. The reviews of this skateboard are mostly positive. There is no chance for you to say that Rimable is not a good skateboard.

  1. Can Beginners use the Rimable 22 skateboard?

Answer: Yes, beginners can use the Rimable 22 skateboard as it is suitable for everyone. If your kid is learning skating this can be a great skateboard to start with. It is very comfortable and flexible. Your kid will have full control of the skateboard. The wheels are big enough for making the skateboard steady. So beginners can use it and it will be totally user friendly to them.

  1. Why to choose Rimable Complete 22 Skateboard during my skating hours?

Answer: Rimable Complete 22 Skateboard is of different colors, shapes & sizes. Again, it’s flexibility will let you to make a smooth ride.

  1. Is the skateboard helpful for improving my skating skills?

Answer: It’s high load capacity, anti slippery patterns & fast riding, certainly you can be hoping accuracy in skating then.

  1. How friendly it behaves through my skating?

Answer: The plastic deck of Rimable Complete 22 Skateboard is strong and flexible enough. Therefore, you’re totally tension free for your ride and will be mastering control over it.

  1. Is Rimable Complete 22 Skateboard cheaper than the rest?

Answer: To be honest, Rimable Complete 22 Skateboard is one of the cheapest skateboard you’ll ever find. Though, the product quality hasn’t been negotiated.

  1. Is Rimable Complete 22 Skateboard safer for a beginner?

Answer: In words, if you want to explore in easier manners, Rimable Complete 22 Skateboard is only for you. Here one can get big & smooth wheels, light weight, Anti slippery patterns. That’s why; the Beginner’s luck must smile better!


If you want your kid to learn skating easily with proper safety Rimable complete 22 is the best option at a reasonable price. There are more available brands as well but if you are confused about choosing one then you can give this product a try. It is amazing for both beginners and those who already know skating.

Those who have bought this did not get disappointed at all. Search and check the Rimable 22 skateboard review online and you will mostly get positive reviews. Kids love and enjoy skating with Rimable complete 22 skateboards.

However, hopefully, this article helped you with proper details of Rimable 22 complete skateboard and made you feel interested to buy one for your kid. 

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