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What Are the Best Aggressive Inline Skates for Beginners in 2021?

What Are The Best Aggressive Inline Skates For Beginners In 2021

There is no denying that aggressive inline skating has become popular these days and to do well in this sport you will need a special pair. We’re talking about aggressive inline skates that are designed slightly differently than regular models.

These inline skates are intended to ease professionals performing cool tricks when it matters. And if you are looking to equip yourself with a new pair of aggressive inline skates, you have come to the right place.

The market is full of cheap junks, and finding the best aggressive inline skates nowadays requires a bit of research. Don’t worry as we have already done it on your behalf.

If you are interested to know the nitty gritty of aggressive inline skates, we would recommend you to read the whole article. Otherwise you have our top recommendation chart and a comprehensive buying guide at the end to help you make a quick buying decision.

With that being said, let’s get started!

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What Are Aggressive Inline Skates?

Unlike standard inline skates, aggressive inline skates have a large gap between the area of the second and third wheels which is known as H-block. It will allow you to grind perpendicular to your skate’s wheels. Furthermore, wheels of aggressive skates are smaller and come with a flatter profile. As a result, you get plenty of flexibility while performing jumps and tricks.

What Is the Difference Between Inline Skates and Aggressive Skates?

When you talk about fitness skates, they are kind of ordinary rollerblades that are designed to give you a basic experience. They ensure maximum level of safety and you can do a basic level of workout. Also, you can cover only a couple of miles and the boot is designed to reach a maximum diameter of only 100 mm.

On the other hand, aggressive skates are specially built to allow you the opportunity of doing different jumps and tricks. They are heavy but come with smaller wheels. The wheelbase is also short so that you can land conveniently after jumps. Besides, they come with the ability to absorb shock to give you a comfortable yet aggressive skating experience.

Different Types of Aggressive Skating

Undoubtedly, aggressive skating is a form of sport when skaters perform different tricks and jump in their convenient ways. However, there are mainly three types of aggressive inline skating that I will discuss here.

Vert Skating

Vert or vertical skating is mainly doing different types of air tricks. In most cases, those tricks include jumps, rotations, turns, or even splits. Skaters usually use pipes, ramps, or stairs to perform those air tricks.

Park Skating

When you talk about park skating, it is mainly done in a specific state park. Generally, some parks are designed to fit park skating. Skaters usually use ramps, rails, bowls, pipes, and other obstacles to perform different tricks. In the park, skaters have the opportunity to show their techniques with more perfection.

Street Skating

It is also known as freestyle skating, while skaters have the freedom to skate in their surroundings. In this case, they perform tricks using elements like concrete ledges, guardrails, or other obstacles on the streets.






Shock Absorber

Closure Type


What Are the Best Aggressive Inline Skates for Beginners in 2021? 1What Are the Best Aggressive Inline Skates for Beginners in 2021? 2

K2 Unnatural Inline Skates

K2 Skates

4 × 60mm, 88A

Aggressive UFS compatible frame

Adjustable Shock absorber



What Are the Best Aggressive Inline Skates for Beginners in 2021? 3What Are the Best Aggressive Inline Skates for Beginners in 2021? 4

Flying Eagle Enkidu Aggressive Skates

Flying Eagle

4 × 60mm, 90A

231 mm UFS aggressive frame

The adjustable shock absorber in the footbed

Buckle and laces


What Are the Best Aggressive Inline Skates for Beginners in 2021? 5What Are the Best Aggressive Inline Skates for Beginners in 2021? 6

Razors Shift 2 Aggressive Inline Skates


4 × 62mm, 92A

GC FLT 3 frame

Adjustable in footbed



What Are the Best Aggressive Inline Skates for Beginners in 2021? 7What Are the Best Aggressive Inline Skates for Beginners in 2021? 8

Roces M12 UFS Aggressive Inline Skates


58 mm wheels

Recycled Polyamide and Glass Fiber Frame

Adjustable shock absorber



What Are the Best Aggressive Inline Skates for Beginners in 2021? 9What Are the Best Aggressive Inline Skates for Beginners in 2021? 10

Rollerblade NJ Pro Aggressive Skates


58 mm/90 A wheels

Versatile and modular, UFS frame

Liner with shock absorber



What Are the Best Aggressive Inline Skates for Beginners in 2021?

the best aggressive inline skating for you

1. K2 Unnatural Inline Skates

Our Rating

If you are looking for high-performing aggressive inline skates which are easily accessible to beginners, K2 unnatural inline skates are the right choice. They come with every exclusive feature to meet user expectations.

They have a high collar soft boot which is specially designed for comfortable tough skating. Their footbed is pretty much supportive and the innovative shock absorber ensures the maximum level of comfort. On top of that, the buckle cuff closure and power strap make your entire skating experience more stable.

With the fast sliding composite materials, the aggressive frame of this skate will give you extra flexibility. Especially when it comes to locking grind, you’ll find it pretty much straightforward.

The sole is more or less A-shaped which is durable and comes with Teflon to give a user experience that involves less friction. Each of them has four 60mm wheels which are comparatively larger. So, you can easily switch from rockered to flat skating without any hassle.

K2 Unnatural Inline Skates-2
K2 Unnatural Inline Skates



K2 Aggressive inline skate is a high-performing product with excellent support. Whether you are a skilled skater or beginner, you are going to find this product very comfortable. 

2. Flying Eagle Enkidu Aggressive Skates

Our Rating

When you talk about the best aggressive inline skates for advanced level skaters, you cannot go wrong with Flying Eagle Enkidu Aggressive skate.

The shell of this skate is built with eclipse mold to offer you a great level of elasticity and ventilation. Besides, the liners have multi-density foam. On top of that, the lycra toebox design will ensure a comfortable skating experience.

When aggressive skating, you must ensure a strong closure of the skate with your foot. Thanks to Flying Eagle Enkidu, it has a top buckle strap and in the middle part you’ll find a Velcro strap along with laces.

Furthermore, the 231mm UFS aggressive frame is pretty much perfect to offer you enough flexibility while skating. It comes with 60 mm and 90A hardness wheels so that you can have a perfect ride from it. Besides, it has ABEC 7 bearings and an Axles tool to take your overall skating experience to the next level.

Flying Eagle Enkidu Aggressive Skates



If you are planning to enter intermediate or advanced level skating, you will love Flying Eagle Enkidu aggressive skates. It has every feature to provide you the extra edges you need under your feet.

3. Razors Shift 2 Aggressive Inline Skates

Our Rating

Beginner-level skaters have to be tricky while choosing their gadgets. You will need to get a skate which can satisfy your needs as a beginner also which will cope with you as you improve. In that case, Razors shift 2 aggressive inline skates can be a great choice.

This product is very capable and you will get to know its advanced features as you will become more and more skilled day by day. The high-strength material which is used in the shells made this skate very resistant to scratches. Besides, the shell offers a great support for your ankle.

No wonder, you’ll love the attractive slim design of the shells. The footbed is specially designed to absorb shocks which will prevent unexpected falling during the skating session. On top of that, the 62 mm wheels of this skate will give you a durable and stable user experience.

Razors Shift 2 Aggressive Inline Skates



If you are looking for the best aggressive inline skates for beginners, Razors Shift 2 is the right spot for you. It is highly rated among novice riders for improving their overall skating performance.

4. Roces M12 UFS Aggressive Inline Skates

Our Rating

Not every rollerblade comes with 100% working safety features. Thanks to Roces M12 UFS, it is built with maximum level of care to give you the safest working experience. It comes with 2-56mm wheels which improve its overall stability. So, this skate is highly recommended for all beginner to intermediate level skaters.

When it comes to laces buckles, they are strongly built for an aggressive skating session. It can easily withstand intense frictions to prevent unwanted falling. The liners of this product come with anatomic padding which is highly wear-resistant. Besides, the shell is built with highly durable polyurethane.

Pain is a normal phenomenon when you need to learn new tricks. With innovative shock-absorbing mechanisms, this skate will significantly reduce the pain level of your foot. The versatile UFS frame which is used in this skate will ensure you an enjoyable yet tough skating experience.

roces m12 ufs aggressive inline skates



When you talk about more secured skating, Roces M12 UFS aggressive inline skates is best of the bunch.

5. Rollerblade NJ Pro Aggressive Skates

Our Rating

Wouldn’t it be awesome to get every exclusive feature in a single skate at a reasonable rate? Rollerblade NJ is a perfect example of flexibility along with seamless performance.

One of the exciting benefits of this product is all of its components are pretty much removable. Whether you talk about cuffs, grind, buckles, or even the frame, everything can be upgraded easily.

The UFS compatible frame is built with Zytel material to give you extra strength. Besides, it has a super lock groove for easy identification of rails and other obstacles. Furthermore, the liner comes in handy with a shock absorber which reduces the overall impact of pain.

The outsole is strongly reinforced so that you can jump or do different skating tricks. Last but not least the wheels, they are 58mm and designed to offer an elite level performance.

rollerblade nj pro aggressive skates



Rollerblade NJ Pro is unique as it offers you an easy upgrade facility. In a nutshell, it is a perfect fit for both beginner and advanced level skaters.

Best Aggressive Inline Skates: Buying Guide

the best aggressive inline skaters

Choosing the best quality aggressive inline skates requires you to consider some crucial factors upfront. They have quite a few different components you need to check and be aware of. Otherwise, you might be throwing away your money into the garbage.


The best aggressive inline skate wheels

Undoubtedly, wheels are the most important elements of a skate especially when it comes to aggressive skating. You should choose the best aggressive inline skate wheels for optimum performance. There are mainly two types of wheels-

  • Standard Wheels

As these types of wheels roll on during skating, they must be strong and thick. Otherwise, they will not be able to handle rough and tough situations of aggressive skating. Typically, you should buy standard wheels which are in the size range of 50-60mm to get the best performance.

  • Anti-Rocker Wheels

These types of wheels are two-centered and will never roll on during skating. These small wheels are perfect for giving you a large landing area to show tricks. No doubt, you should go for anti-rocker wheels which are small but quite hard.


When you need to choose skate bearings for aggressive skating, you should go for those which have high ABEC ratings. No doubt, bearings with a higher rating will give you an efficient and smooth performance. In most cases, for aggressive skating ABEC 5 is pretty much common.


As the frame holds the wheels, it should be made with sturdy and highly durable materials. Otherwise, you will not be able to do an optimum performance in aggressive inline skating. When four wheels touch the ground during your skating session, the frame is called a flat frame. One important thing to consider here is the skating frame should be UFS compatible for better performance.

Outer Shell

The next thing you should consider carefully is the outer shell of the skate. There are three types of outer shells or skate boots-

  1. Soft Shell

When you want to get a flexible skating experience, you should go for the softshell. However, if you need to deal with regular jumping gaps, a soft boot will not be a good option for you anymore.

  1. Hard Shell

In a general sense, these types of skates come with a plastic shell that is wrapped exclusively around a liner. These boots will give you maximum protection while skating.

Skeletal Shell

This type of shell is a combination of a soft and hard shell. Being pretty much lightweight, these shells are easily maneuverable and quite strong as well.


Another important factor is the size of the skate. If your favorite inline skate is too large or too small for your feet, there is no point to buy them. So, always go for an inline skate that comes in the right size.


You should also identify why you need an aggressive skate. Some skates are good for recreational purposes. But there are also professional and training skates as well. So, go for the right types of skates as per your preference. Besides, you must find the correct skate for the particular gender. Because aggressive skates are specially designed for different people of different genders.


The next important factor is the liners and you should carefully check this feature of aggressive skates. You should go for liners that are made of strong, thick, and durable materials to give you a highly stable skating experience.


Your gender is also equally important as there are skates for people of different genders. You must find the correct skate for the particular gender. Otherwise, you will not be able to perform your skating tricks properly.


Strong closure not only provides comfort, it also ensures firmness during skating. Generally, traditional lacing or even ratchet buckle cuffs will give you a strong closure.

Shock Absorber

Shock absorber on the footbed will reduce landing stress on your foot when jump off. You should check the presence of an adjustable shock absorber in your aggressive skate before making the ultimate buying decision.

Soul Plate

Check the quality and material of the soul plate before buying your skate. A good quality soul plate will make your aggressive inline skate durable and wear-resistant. It will allow you to grind parallel on the wheels.


The last but not the least important factor you should check carefully is the H-block of your aggressive inline skates. It is a gap between the 2nd and 3rd wheel which is necessary when it comes to perpendicular grinding. So, be sure to check it carefully before making the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

the best aggressive inline skate brands

1. Where to buy aggressive inline skates?

Aggressive inline skates are widely available in the market. You can buy them from your local sports shop. Even international marketplaces like Amazon, eBay can be great options to buy inline skates.

2. Can you use aggressive skates on the street?

Yes, you can use aggressive inline skates on the street. As aggressive inline skates come with a low profile, in most cases, they are not highly prone to accidents. However, it’s a good idea to take safety measures before skating.

3. Which is the best inline skate brand?

Many well-known brands manufacture aggressive inline skates. But it is challenging to find the best aggressive inline skate brands in the market. However, all of the products we have reviewed above come from top-notch brands. That said, in our opinion, you can consider K2 Skate as the best inline skate brand as it can satisfy your needs conveniently. 

4. How much do pro-aggressive inline skaters make?

Typically, pro-aggressive inline skaters make a good amount of money as in most cases, they become members of World Inline Cup Teams. The salary of a pro aggressive skater is roughly USD 45000.

5. How do you stop aggressive inline skates?

You can perform the T-stop technique to brake aggressive inline skates. Famous aggressive inline skaters follow this method. Here, you have to put your weight and even the balance point on the foot which you are not going to brake.

On the other hand, when it comes to the foot you are breaking with, you must put the skate on the ground maintaining a 90-degrees angle. You can use your arms or hands to perform this technique. All you have to do is force as strongly as you can to stop the skate.

6. Why do aggressive inline skates have no brakes?

When you do aggressive inline skating you always perform hit jumps and many other tricks. A brake system in your skate will hinder the ability to perform all those tricks. So, typically there is no brake in an aggressive inline skate. Instead, you have to learn some breaking techniques to get the job done.

7. Why are there models with two smaller wheels in the middle?

Typically, an aggressive skate will rock when they come close to surfaces which are not regular. But, in that case, there will be two specific connection points only. Typically, 50% of the weight is distributed in the front and back side of the skate as well by the outer wheels.

However, when it comes to anti-rocker wheels, they will offer you more diversified grinding. In a nutshell, these smaller wheels are specially designed so that you can jump at various angles.

8. Is aggressive inline skating dead or still popular?

In the ’90s, aggressive inline skating was much popular compared to today’s time. However, the good news is after 2010, the popularity of aggressive skating is being restored. Many new contests and games based on aggressive inline skating are taking place nowadays.  

Final Words...

There is no doubt that a pair of best aggressive inline skates can give you the perfect joy with a comfortable skating session.

We hope, now you know all the top-notch features of our listed products and understand what is more important for your type of skill level. We wish you all the happy skating moments.

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