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Find out The Best Hoverboards Reviews in 2021 for Beginners & Adults [For the Price]

best hoverboards reviews 2020

Although we haven’t yet got anything like the cool Marty McFly hoverboard that rocked up all our sensations through the movie- Back to the Future, the appeal of a more scooter-like self-balancing hoverboard has managed to escalate on top of all the hype in recent years. It has indeed become the coolest trend of fun-transport among kids and adults.

Since their peak of popularity, the self-balancing hoverboards have been much more improved over the past two years in terms of performance, technologies, appearance, and of course, safety.

So if you are in the market in search of a perfect hoverboard, we’re here to help. We have compiled some of the best hoverboards reviews along with a comprehensive buying guide after spending days in various researches and tests.

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Why Should You Consider Getting a Hoverboard?

So if you’re still wondering whether this trendy two-wheeler is really for you, here are some key advantages of hoverboards that you can keep in your considerations.

  • Battery-Run Device

Hoverboards do not require any gas or fuel refills; they only run on batteries. So you’ll only have to store up the batteries and keep it charged for the virtually never-ending, dependable rides.

  • Easy Navigation

The navigation mechanism in hoverboards is entirely free of complexities. Like we’ve said earlier, it only requires a forward-leaning to accelerate and a backward-leaning to slow down. Taking turns is as easy as moving your feet, which makes its use an absolute no-brainer.

  • Cost-Effective Transports

If you consider it as your everyday medium for going to college, training grounds, and such, you’ll definitely find that it’s a much cheaper option than the public transportation system.

  • Low-Maintenance

These trendy two-wheelers do not require much too heavy maintenance as well. You’ll only have to keep a check on its battery and clean it with dry cloth from time to time.

  • Perfect for Urban Areas

Although you shouldn’t imagine forgoing the subway rides to your office, or hours of a drive while traveling to distant places with these electric scooters, they are perfect for your day to day errands like doing the groceries and stuff like that. These devices are apt enough to cover distances up to ten kilometers and won’t mind taking care of a bit of extra load, making your trips to supermarkets a lot more fun.

  • Portable

These small, lightweight electric scooters free you of the parking issues, and they are compact enough to fit into a bag for easy carrying.

  • Fun Rides

It’s obvious, isn’t it? After all, having fun and looking cool while roaming around the streets are, after all, the prime reasons for getting one of these devices. You can bring it out in your afternoon leisure or join your buddies in weekend fun sojourns and engage in similar activities.

The Best Hoverboards Reviews of 2021

Without further ado, let’s go straight into the reviews of some of the top-rated hoverboard models in the market in accordance with the different age groups and price points. Hopefully, our thorough discussion will help you find yourself the right one.

But first take a look at our top 10 picks for you:




TOMOLOO Hoverboard

TOMOLOO Hoverboard


Find out The Best Hoverboards Reviews in 2021 for Beginners & Adults [For the Price] 1

SISIGAD Hoverboard Pure Color Series


Find out The Best Hoverboards Reviews in 2021 for Beginners & Adults [For the Price] 2

Gyroor Warrior hoverboard


Find out The Best Hoverboards Reviews in 2021 for Beginners & Adults [For the Price] 3

Segway miniLITE Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter


TPS Hoverboard

TPS Hoverboard


Find out The Best Hoverboards Reviews in 2021 for Beginners & Adults [For the Price] 4

EPCTEK Hoverboard


Find out The Best Hoverboards Reviews in 2021 for Beginners & Adults [For the Price] 5

Gyroor Swift Hoverboard


Find out The Best Hoverboards Reviews in 2021 for Beginners & Adults [For the Price] 6

City cruiser hoverboard


Find out The Best Hoverboards Reviews in 2021 for Beginners & Adults [For the Price] 7

Beston Sports Newest Generation Electric Hoverboard


Find out The Best Hoverboards Reviews in 2021 for Beginners & Adults [For the Price] 8

Segway Ninebot s-plus electric transporter


Best Hoverboards for Adults

best hoverboards for the price Under 250

In here, you will find the best top 5 hoverboards for adults.

Swagtron T1 Hoverboard

Weight Limit: 220lb

While the brand name gives you some idea about the reliability of this scooter, the price will surely cheer you up as well. This reasonably-priced Swagtron T1 hoverboard has so many things to offer without falling short on safety or performance.

It has a nice carry strap so that you can carry it conveniently when necessary. The rubber bumpers on the hoverboard, despite appearing not-too-significant, will help you keep it safe from scuffs and scratches on its outer shell. The polycarbonate body, though, is fire-retardant and incombustible, and it can carry up to 220 lbs of body weight.

The quick-acting self-balancing feature prompts as fast as you can expect as a pro or semi-pro rider. The quick inclines in rougher terrains will not only make your ride satisfactory, but it will also provide you with the safest maneuvers.

Most notably, the fast accelerations will add to your mental peace during the rides like a charm. And you’ll thank its non-slip grip all the more, which won’t let you budge a tad. Besides, the combination will help you out to quickly make your maneuvers when taking the hairpin turns without falling.

The LEDs are pretty impressive too. They not only light up your tracks but also act as movement indicators. The UL-certified batteries and components will cover up for safety concerns while the built-in Bluetooth speaker will make your rides relaxingly fun.

As far as the riding performance is concerned, the hoverboard does pretty well with an 8 mph speed that allows a range of 12 miles. The speed might disappoint some expert riders, but its consistency is remarkably unfailing. As a whole, it can be a wonderful choice of a well-balanced adult hoverboard, nonetheless.

Swagtron T1 Hoverboard

If this is not for you, then see some more reviews on Swagtron hoverboards

Gyroor Warrior Hoverboard

Weight Limit: 265lb

For combative adults looking for some aggressive off-roading adventure, this Gyroor Warrior can be an ideal choice. Among the low-cost off-road hoverboards we’ve tested, this one simply stood out, especially because of its solid, wider tires. And the 700-watt motor will surely let you feel the power.

Talking about more impressiveness about this hoverboard the mileage should be worth mentioning. You can expect to cover up to 9.5 miles with its well-treaded 8.5-inch tires. Besides, you can allow yourself to master the inclines as high as 30-degrees. And you can do that with a top speed of 10 miles per hour too.

The electric scooter also comes with solid construction to provide the off-road durability that many would desire. While it weighs a staggering 33 lbs itself, it’s able to carry up to 280 lbs despite claiming 265. The nice rugged style of this unit comes with striking LEDs over it for giving you colorful rides at night as well.

We bet you can’t help piling enough praise on its tires that are not only built with quality rubber but also has aluminum rims beneath it. They look sharp and aggressive while also giving you the edge when riding through rough terrains. The new riders will undoubtedly find their feet on the accurate balance with ease that’ll help them master the handling of the device in no time.

gyroor warrior hoverboard

OXA Self-Balancing Hoverboard

If you’re tired of recharging your hoverboard every once in a while when trying to get a lengthy, nonstop ride, you can take a look at this self-balancing hoverboard from OXA.

It’s the battery power, the best feature of this device, we’re talking about. The highly powerful battery can carry you up to 17 miles with a single charge. However, you’ll have to be patient enough when you put it on charging, which may take no less than three hours to get full. But the mileage, as well as the speed of 7 mph, will hopefully ease things up for you.

The hoverboard particularly stands out in terms of weight capacity. It’s solid enough to carry the bulkiest of riders with a maximum of 300 lbs carriage ability. More so, it promises to deliver faultless incline rides as well. You can expect up to 25 degrees of incline climbing with ease. In a market full of hoverboards with so many shortcomings, the OXA hoverboard can undoubtedly prove its worth.

OXA Hoverboard

SISIGAD Hoverboard from the Fun Edition

Weight Limit: 260lb

Let me start by saying that it is one of the best selling hoverboards on Amazon this year!

Breathtaking appearance is a priority in Sisigad hoverboards that simply never dispatches, be it for kids or adults. This spectacular devil-blue hoverboard from their flashing tunnel series will take your breath away with its futuristic look without a doubt.

And not only its appearance that can be spoken of so highly. It has one of the best self-balancing features among hoverboard that makes it a super easy to ride. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned rider, the scooter will make you look cool on the moves. It’s 300-watt dual motor has been doubled up with astutely designed wheels to make the difficult turns easy as a child’s play.

A top speed of 9 mph will surely give you the freedom to boss around the neighborhood in some style while the pulse blue LEDs will shake things up a bit more. With a maximum weight capacity of 260 lbs, it ensures you of a safe ride no matter how brawny you are.

The hoverboard has an impressive mileage too. You can expect a nonstop ride of nine miles with a single charge, which is excellent for this price range. The stunning look, the safety features, the comfortable rides at high speed surely makes it one of the finest self-balancing scooters in the market.

SISIGAD Hoverboard Fun Edition

Segway miniLITE Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter

Weight Limit: 220lb

Ever since the drop-off Segway’s original personal transporter, the company has made a quick comeback with a new range of models. The miniLite is one of those revamped models to have their brand name back on track in recent years.

The miniLite model has nearly half the size of the company’s original carrier, yet it has about the same celerity and reliability. This newest edition comes with more stability and power, thanks to its dual electric motors that total at 700 watts. Meaning, the electric transporter can speed up to 10 mph with a range of eleven miles on a single charge-up. The dual-motor also boasts a torque rate more than you’ll require for effortless climb-ups on inclined streets.

While the unique design of this scooter lets you rest on your back with its convenient set-up of the comfy seat, the weight capacity of only 175 lbs may prove to be a notable shortcoming. Still, the quick-acting motion controls and precision response rate during self-balancing make it a sensible choice nonetheless.

In my opinion, it is one of the best hoverboards in the world.

Segway miniLITE Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter

Best Hoverboards for Beginners

best hoverboards for beginners 2020

TOMOLOO Self Balancing Electric Scooter

Weight Limit: 165lb

Despite the fact that this hoverboard intends to serve the toy-like purpose for kids, it doesn’t necessarily mean that adults cannot have a great time hovering on it. The electric scooter may resemble a kid’s playing tool, with all the vibrant, flashy lights and all, but it comes with a sturdy build that can carry grown-ups as well.

Unlike the introductory models that did not come with proper safety measures, this hoverboard comes incorporated with UL-certified batteries that confidently promise to provide safer rides free of issues like overheating, overcharging, or sudden burst-offs.

The hoverboard has grown into favorite item among kids and teenagers mostly for the RGB lights that can be found in its wheels, and both the front and the back of its deck. Besides, the LEDs come with preset light patterns that allow you to choose between a variety of pattern cycles or a singular one.

The electric scooter, with its slow speed, can aide you with the balancing if you are a beginner still trying to get a hold of the contraption. Many have opined it to be the best hoverboard for 5-year-olds too. And finally, it lets you connect your phone to its Bluetooth speaker and play your favorite music throughout your rides.

TOMOLOO Hoverboard

SISIGAD Two-Wheel Hoverboard Pure Color Series

Weight Limit: 260lb

Similar to the TOMOLOO, the looks of this Sisigad hoverboard might make you consider it as a kids’ toy. The entire device is covered with colorful RGB lights that judder as you ride it. You’ll find lights on its wheels, the deck-front, and the deck-rear of the board. The gaudy lights can make your first adventures a lot more delightful with colorful traces if you’re a kid-at-heart amateur.

Lights aside, the board also comes with a highly-competent Bluetooth speaker that exerts quality sound outputs. It gives you the option to connect your smartphone with an app and manage your favorite tracks with it. The speakers can be really loud, which may suit the preferences of core musicaholics. However, it can cause quick drainage of the battery in the process as well.

The 300-watt dual motors can go so fast as 9mph that are also capable of climbing inclines of up to 15-degrees. It may well depend on the weight of the rider, though. The battery charges within three hours, saving you the prolonged waiting periods in between and it lasts nearly an hour to keep you on the practice without frustrations.

SISIGAD Hoverboard Pure Color Series

JOLEGE Hoverboards

This introductory 6.5-inch hoverboard has been designed with an intent to satisfy the newcomers while also coming with a satisfactorily low price tag. Still, it can confidently carry up to 200lbs, thanks to its sturdy outer shell.

A pair of 200w brushless motors act as the pulling power of this hoverboard to make the rides stable and smooth throughout the runtime, which reads approximately 6 miles per single charge.

With stability, comes safety, and that’s what the makers had paid attention to; it resulted in UL-2272 and UL-2271 certification, ensuring the kids get to mount and ride it with no hassle. More so, it won’t require any prior experience as well, which may lead to the youngsters feeling like a pro in no time.

They haven’t left out adding to the scooter’s visual appeal too, and the bright, illuminating LEDs in the motion vibrantly indicate to that. For complete peace of mind, the product also comes with a no-questions-asked warranty.

JOLEGE Hoverboard

LIEAGLE Hoverboards

Weight Limit: 260lb

This is one of the fastest hoverboards in the market for its surprisingly low price tag that has been designed for kids and beginners. With an impressive speed of 7.5 mph, the Lieagle hoverboard can deliver up to 8 miles of a ride.

The 6.5-inch hoverboard has a deck that can carry up to 260 lbs of weight, which means it can comfortably accommodate the feet of grown-ups as well. So you can give your feet a chance or two while training your youngster without worries. Besides, it has one of the fines rubber tires out there for providing you with the smoothest ride throughout the gravel roads.

One of the most convenient features of this self-balancing scooter is its cutting edge lithium-ion battery. The folks behind it have forged it astutely enough to noticeably minimize its charging time.

While the high-end rubber tires ensure your safety, the UL certifications add to your peace of mind. Moreover, Lieagle is mostly renowned for its high-standard customer care support, which will surely make your purchase all the more headache-free.

LIEAGLE Hoverboard

Cho Hoverboard Electric Scooter

Weight Limit: 150lb

This self-balancing electric scooter from Cho has the most unique design among the hoverboards that we’ve discussed so far. It boasts a simple and traditional dumbbell shape, rather than their previous rectangular design, which helps it provide you with the ultimate balance for riding with full confidence.

It comes padded with a pair of high-end rubber foot-rests, which won’t let you fall that easily. You might also want to bless the inner balancing components that have been deftly built to provide you with the ultimate control in your riding. In fact, it has the best balancing feature for its price range that can spare your blushes if you’re an adult and still trying to master the thing.

To some people, the shape might seem less impressive because of its simplicity. But don’t forget that it does come with colorful LEDs on its wheels and front. More so, you’ll care much less if your primary concern is safety, reliability, and price as it comes with all the UL certifications you can think of.

Cho Hoverboards

Best Rated Hoverboards Reviews within Different Price Ranges

If you’re more concerned about price, here’s this segment that’ll hopefully help you pick the best hoverboard within your budget.

Best Cheap Hoverboards under $125

best hoverboards for adults 2020

Beston Sports Newest Generation Electric Hoverboard

Weight Limit: 180lb

This is one of Beston’s new generation of inexpensive hoverboards that has a sleek looking design with a simplistic yet vibrant outlook. Despite the low price tag, it comes with colorful LEDs all over its body like most other models out there.

And the low price tag hasn’t kept it from passing all the UL safety standards as well. The battery can provide you with up to 8 miles of ride with a single charge while the motor is powerful enough to give you a top speed of 6 miles per hour. That’s well enough a combo for a hoverboard that comes at a price so low. Besides, it assures you of nonstop rides without sudden run out of battery.

However, among the features that you should be concerned about is its build quality, which is not sturdy enough for continuous outdoor riding. And it may even prove to be fragile when attempting to take on rough surfaces. But it does boast a pair of non-slip footpads that’ll serve greatly in the indoors.

Beston Sports Newest Generation Electric Hoverboard

Longtime Hoverboard for Kids

Weight Limit: 220lb

Just as the name suggests, this hoverboard is intended for kids. This streamlined model is lighter in weight having a low-profile sleek and slim design.

Its 6.5-inch modest-looking wheels feature intensity LEDs, though, on its front-bar and rear, which help the kids to have safer rides during low-lighting conditions. And like expensive models, the lighting system does come with a random switching feature for a high-tech appearance.

You can put your trust in its self-balancing feature as well, which primarily intends to help the kids learn their ride themselves. And the makers have also incorporated non-slip rubber foot pads to provide them with the stability for quick learning.

Although they’ve made it for kids, a generous weight capacity of 220 lbs will allow adults to ride the hoverboard too. In fact, it can be a great choice for those who are more into smooth, flat designs than striking, aggressive ones. And the 12-mile range particularly vindicates this possibility, which is undoubtedly a great mileage to have at this price point.

However, the charging time of this scooter is something that might annoy many kids, which is generally no less than five hours. And the average quality wheels aren’t good enough for gravel roads or rough outdoors as well. These are the limitations you should highly consider before making any purchase.

longtime hoverboard

TPS Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter

Weight Limit: 200lb

Similar to the previous two models, this self-balancing scooter from TPS comes intending to serve kids’ riding purposes. The available features are pretty much likewise too.

It has the same quality 6.5-inch wheels, with slightly sturdier rubber tires that allow riding on the pavements, and concrete roads. With a 300-watt motor, the hoverboard also boasts a top speed of 6 miles per hour with a range close to 7 miles per single charge.  And it takes less than three hours for a full charge-up.

Like the Longtime hoverboard we have discussed above, it comes with a self-balancing technology that intends to help kids learn their rides as quickly as possible. The designers have also added skid-proof rubber pads, so the kids never get wiggly during the training. And with the UL certification, you won’t have to worry about any mischiefs.

For a hoverboard under 175 dollars, a good enough Bluetooth connectivity is undoubtedly a huge plus. And that’s what you’re going to get with this hoverboard. With its non-buffer Bluetooth speaker powered by a convenient phone app, your kid can tune in pleasure while riding in style.

Here’s one thing, though. The hoverboard has a somewhat average build and it’s incapable of carrying more than 150 pounds despite claiming to be carrying up to 200 lbs. So you shouldn’t try out yourself on this if you are a grown-up. The device isn’t that enriched in lighting features as well, which may deter a few kids from endearing it.

TPS Hoverboards

best hoverboards for the price under $150

best cheap hoverboards Under 100

XPRIT Hoverboard

Weight Limit: 165lb

This exciting hoverboard from XPRIT is one of the cheapest models out there, coming with the most sought-after attributes and abilities. And it is one of the best long lasting hoverboards for the price.

The scooter boasts one of the best music systems at this price point that has a super-fast Bluetooth connectivity as well. Its loudspeakers are something to feel proud of; it will alert your surroundings like the way a car music system would. With the phone app, you can conveniently control your favorite tunes on the go.

Its long-lasting battery is a feature that we cannot help praising enough. You can expect a continuous ride of about two hours on a single charge, which is astoundingly amazing an advantage for a hoverboard that comes within a price so low.

After all, we all know how frustrating it is to put the device in charge at quick intervals. Specifically, it’s a great feature for those kids who won’t put it down before mastering their ride. And don’t you worry about any leakage, since the safety standards are promisingly met by this hoverboard.

Talking about the downsides, the weight capacity comes first. The hoverboard only carries up to 160 lbs, so it’s not the perfect choice for weighty adults; neither in the indoors nor the outdoors. The top speed of 6 mph might not seem to be much pleasing as well. It’s not the hoverboard you can take out on rough adventures.

XPRIT Hoverboard

EPCTEK Self-Balancing Hoverboard

EPCTEK self-balancing hoverboard might be the bang for the buck of a hoverboard you might’ve been looking for your youngster. It has almost all the bells and whistles you might be looking for within an electric scooter.

This fun device allows your kid to light-up the rides in the most delightful ways possible. It’s the hoverboard’s lighting system we’re talking about that doesn’t stop at providing colorful LEDs. Instead, it lets you kid choose different color combos like e-graffiti, e-camo pink and so much more, unlike most of the flashy models out there that only offer switchings between different solid colors.

The striking color combos are unique in a way that keeps away the traffic and passersby from the rider while roaming in darker areas. And the super-efficient Bluetooth speaker will let your kid ride in his own style.

EPCTEK’s self-balancing technology is hands-down, one of the finest in this price range. It helps your kid to quickly master his/her ride with constant stability and infallible body balance. The slip-resistant footrests add more reliability in the rides while the astutely crafted center axis allows 180-degree rotation for an enhanced balance.

The high-end dual-motor also deserves some praise. The 600-watt motors allow up to 8 mph of top speed. And these core components are doubled up with quick-charging batteries that fill up within less than two hours, letting your kid continue the actions at shorter intervals.

This is one of the best performing hoverboards for the price that guarantees unmatched stability and safety. It also gives your kid the gaudy riding experience he/she might have been desiring for. And more importantly, you can present them with all these on the cheap.

EPCTEK Hoverboards

Best Hoverboards under $200

best hoverboards for the money Under 400

Gyroor Swift Hoverboard

Weight Limit: 220lb

This is our top-choice model for those looking for a mid-budget hoverboard for all-terrain purposes. Yes, this is the self-balancing electric scooter you can roam around with beyond worries in the toughest of circumstances.

The main reason why we talk so highly of this hoverboard is its high-density fender wings that are built with aluminum. It’s also the reason behind its being highly dust and water-resistant. And the build is also responsible for handling all types of terrains with massive safety credentials.

Moreover, the hoverboard also boasts a no-fall assistance technology to stabilize it in a way that almost completely eliminates the possibilities of sudden fall-downs. With this feature, the device drastically reduces injury risks better than the majority of the models out there.

This sturdy unit also supports as much as 270 pounds of weight while its speed reaches up to 10 mph. And you can expect to cover a minimum of 10 miles before the battery runs out. These are really excellent combos to have in a hoverboard that works equally well in rough terrains.

However, you should be concerned about its weight that measures over 33 pounds. But except for this issue, the hoverboard is definitely a bang for the buck.

Gyroor Swift Hoverboard

City Cruiser 6.5" Scooter Hoverboard

Weight Limit: 165lb

If you’re looking to present your adventurous kid with a hoverboard that he/she can take out for rough off-roading experience, this City Cruiser hoverboard can be one of the best things you could think of.

This tough unit of a hoverboard is made to roll not only over plain pavements but also for cruising through dirt trails, grass, and loose gravel. It comes incorporated with a pair of massive rubber tires that withstand impacts far better than most hoverboard models that intend to serve for kids.

However, the electric scooter significantly lacks speed, which merely tops at 5 mph. But when you’re concerned about the potential injuries of your kid, the low speed can make sense. Besides, it doesn’t keep it from providing a mileage of 13 miles per single charge, which is a definite plus, especially if you have an adamant kid who won’t put it to rest any time soon.

The makers have been well aware of the kids’ appeal too. There’s no shortage of vibrant LEDs and RGB lights on the hoverboard. It makes sure your kid has all the fun with cheerful colors illuminating his/her path as the ride continues.

city cruiser hoverboard

Best Budget hoverboard under $250

Hyper GOGO 3D Wormhole Hoverboard

Weight Limit: 198lb

If you’ve been looking for an off-road hoverboard for your kid or yourself that you can travel pretty far with and that too on a single charging of the battery, this stunning-looking hoverboard from Hyper GOGO can be your best match. The 3D wormhole on its wheel takes its appearance to a whole new level.

Although the slow top speed of 6 miles per hour can prove to be a shortcoming for most users, the fact that it can travel up to 14 miles on a single charge, things can ease up well. Besides, it has a quick charging feature that allows it to fill up within less than an hour and a half. And the convenient battery indicator will alert you whenever charging is required. But you can expect it not to blink any time soon.

Talking about its off-roading abilities, it has a pair of high-end tires that can confidently take on rough terrains without worries. You can expect improved stability while riding through gravel, concrete, or even grass and dirt. Moreover, it’s rated for IP54, which means the scooter firmly stands out in terms of solidity and water-resistance. Altogether, it’s an exceptional unit of an all-terrain scooter you can avail at this price point.

HYPER GOGO 3D Wormhole off road Hoverboards

Best Hoverboard for the Money under $400

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Weight Limit: 220lb

This awesome looking hoverboard comes from Razor Hovertrax’s new generation of hoverboards. With plenty of experience in the bag, the company has brought this new line of electric scooter that kids will love most. They claim this hoverboard to be the world’s smartest one yet, and from the reviews all around the corner, that claim has collected some well-deserved evidence too.

The re-designed hoverboard indeed lives up to the caliber of Razor’s reliability and build quality. They’ve put together a solid, shatter-resistant plastic construction that doubles up with its silicone reinforcements on the contact areas to add to the protection of the finish. The robust build can withstand up to 220 lbs of weight.

At the front, you’ll find a fine set of LEDs that indicate the scooter’s throttle. You’ll also see a set of battery-indicating lights on its main surface. However, you shouldn’t expect an all-around flashy lighting system as the board opts for a cleaner and more polished appearance with minimal gaudiness.

It also boasts a pair of quality rubber tires along with an axel construction to ensure a smoother ride. Even though it does well on rougher terrains like concrete and gravel, the hoverboard is somewhat less responsive on the grass and muddy circumstances.

You can ride up to 10 miles at 8 mph hour with its 700-watt dual motors on a single charge. While the numbers might disappoint quite a few potential adult riders, the super-responsive self-balancing feature will surely provide kids with worthy rides.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Best Hoverboard in the World over 400$

Segway Ninebot S-Plus Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

Weight Limit: 220lb

Here comes the most expensive hoverboard on our list. With superior speed, battery life, power, and more, this Segway Ninebot S-Plus is a much-improved variant of the company’s standard models.

A whopping range of 22 miles can be the sole reason why many would prefer it to its competitors. It easily outnumbers its nearest rival by 7-8 miles. With its top speed of 12.5 mph, you’ll surely love to go beyond that extra distance.  The combination itself can prompt many of its potential suitors to go after this hoverboard that can provide long hours of fun rides.

While the powerful 800-watt dual-motor and the long-life battery will keep you busy throughout an extent of two hours, the solid hoverboard itself will comfortably handle a number of tough terrains.

Its innovative knee controller bar brings endless possibilities as well, allowing you to go completely hands-free. It saves you of the hassle of assisted body balance that you would have done with other hoverboard models.  Besides, it enables the little hover-buddies to enjoy their rides despite its being recommended for people aged over 16. The control bar also comes with a mode-switching feature so that kids and beginners can play along with their suitable styles.

What’s more? The Ninebot S-plus also has a multi-functional physical controller feature that enables remote usage. You can control your app and maneuver it for fun uses with a convenient app from your android or iOS devices.

If the durability and lasting issue concern you more, let us assure you that you don’t have to worry much. The hoverboard’s compact and convenient one-push frame is constructed with excellent aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which not only makes it highly durable, impact-absorbing, and long-lasting but also satisfactorily lightweight. The design and concept opt for providing you with easy portability and storage.

The Segway Ninebot S-plus indeed is one heck of a hoverboard. Talk about its sturdy tires, substantial speed and range, ease of use, and durability, there’s no beating of this monstrous device in any aspect. Without a fraction of doubt, this is the real deal of a powerful, all-satisfying hoverboard you’ve been searching for all along.

segway ninebot s-plus electric transporter

How To Choose The Best Hoverboards For The Price: Hoverboard Buying Guide

best rated hoverboards

Before making a purchase, you must keep your eyes closed on a few crucial factors. After all, you can’t just go and buy a hoverboard just because it looks cool.

So here, we present you with the ultimate hoverboard buying guide that will hopefully help you make a decent purchase.

What Is a Self-Balancing Hoverboard and How Does It Work?

Hoverboards, despite the name, don’t actually hover or levitate as a few would probably think (like the one shown in the movie-Back to the Future). These modern-day personal transporters are more like a mini Segway, minus the handlebars. For this reason, many prefer calling it a self-balancing electric scooter.

You may want to call its build a dumbbell-lookalike, which consists of a pair of motorized wheels enjoined with padded-footrests. The riders stand on them, keeping their legs akimbo, their feet close to the wheels on both ends. And the nifty built-in sensor technology maintains their balance as if by magic.

You can start it running only by leaning a bit forward, which can end up speeding up to 10 or 15 miles per hour. Likewise, you lean back, and the machine does the reverse and slows down. You can take turns by pressing forward one foot alternately with the other backward.

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Safety is Your Priority

Safety is undoubtedly the most prime concern for electrical transporting devices. And when it comes to self-balancing hoverboards, the importance becomes all the more evident.

Since the beginning of its mass-market production, too many questions have been raised regarding the safety issues. And during midway through the year 2015, things became too intense with various explosion cases taking place in roads, houses, and even factories.

Those hoverboards were made of cheap materials and low-grade batteries, which caused all those burns and blasts. But after such a few occurrences, all of them were banned from the markets.

Then after thorough researches and tests, it was found that the explosions occurred because of li-ion batteries and their coatings. So in 2016, a new certification was announced for ensuring the safety of these products, which is called UL 2272 certification.

All the models produced by all the manufacturers must pass the UL 2272 certification now before hitting the market. If a hoverboard passes this certification, it will come with a hologram on its bottom, denoting its batteries, charger, inner-mechanisms, and overall build are safe from overcharging, impacts, faulty tires, skids or slips, and so on.

So before buying a hoverboard, you must ensure that it’s UL 2272 certified.

Consider the Age Group

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Let’s get this straight. The hoverboards are not meant for children; hence you can’t let your youngster fiddle around with one. These machines can speed up real fast and may well hit the unremarkable edge of a curb, which can cause unthinkable disasters. Also, the two-wheeled transporters are not for those folks with poor coordinations, especially the older people.

Hoverboards are mostly suitable for 12-year-olds and up. But unless the rider is 18 years or older, it’s recommended to avoid speedy models. Instead, it’ll be wise to choose a hoverboard that speeds no more than eight mph. You should only go for those super-fast models if you belong to a superior age group.

However, you’ll find several hoverboards that are explicitly designed for kids under the age group that we’ve recommended above. They put all their effort into making them harmless and easy-to-maneuver for kids, with catchy, colorful patterns on them. Still, you should only consider presenting your child with one, once you ensure it’s totally safe, your child is well-trained, and you can monitor it with an app.


The speed factor in hoverboards is directly proportional to its motor and wheel size, which we’ve covered in the later parts of this article. Here, we’ll put some light on some even more crucial aspects of hoverboard speed.

Let’s get this straight; you’ll surely find hoverboards with the speed levels you desire. But what you need to be concerned about is- how much aware you are of your riding. Ask yourself- Can I control this much speed? Is that much of speed really necessary to serve my purpose? Do my area, the surfaces, or surroundings allow me to speed up to such an extent?

The surface type can also determine the speed you’ll get from your hoverboard, though. While you can achieve the best possible speed on plain surfaces, you may well have a hard time riding on grass, muddy terrains, or rocky pathways.

The maximum speed range in hoverboard starts at 6 mph, where you’ll also find several models that can speed up to 12 mph. That indeed sounds more than enough.


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Wheels are undoubtedly one of the most crucial aspects that you can’t afford to neglect while buying a hoverboard. After all, they are the primary moving components that the machine will run on.

The inner structure of your hoverboard wheels needs to be built with high-quality rubber and flexible steel wiring as it should be strong enough to withstand the weight of the rider. Besides, the build needs to make sure you have stable rides with the proper flexibility. The outer structure of the wheels includes the tire size that directly proportionates the weight it can bear.

While the standard wheel size varies between 6-10 inches, we recommend not to choose over eight. If you choose a wheel size within this range, it can pretty much hold on to any rider demands that cover complex surfaces like grassy patches and hilly terrains. Bigger tires do become handy when riding on uneven surfaces, but they make the indoor rides a bit difficult.

The speed range of your hoverboard will also increase and decrease with the wheel size, so you must be sure about your purpose and riding ability. Also, there are several types of tires for both indoor and outdoor use; we mostly recommend going for the all-terrain tires that meet most of the riders’ demands.


Hoverboard Buying Guide

The older hoverboard models used to come with a poor-quality motor that could neither satisfy the riders’ expectations nor the UL certification tests. And as a result, users kept encountering crazy rides, with their hoverboard ceasing to operate within a week or two.

Such scenarios have changed over the years, though. Now, most of the machines come with a dual-motor mechanism that eliminates those faulty issues. However, you still need to check on the wattage levels of the motor before buying a hoverboard as it will play a vital role in deciding its performance and the quality of your ride.

With a better wattage capacity, you get better performance. It’s as simple as that.

Hoverboards these days mostly offer 25o-watt dual-motors, which means a total of 500 watts of power. That sounds good enough, but you’ll be better off with a little more supply of energy for longer, smoother, and worry-free rides. We recommend going for 400-watt dual-motor hoverboards, meaning a total of 800 watts of power.


The range in hoverboards refers to what distance it will cover while nonstop running on a fully-charged battery. It’s generally between 7 to 15 miles, which is considered a decent coverage necessary for all the fun and scampers. You have the option to get something with more coverage, though, but you may have to spend really big on that.

So decide on what purpose you’ll be using the hoverboard for, and make sure the range it covers competently satisfies your necessities. If it’s for doing your daily groceries, indoor commutes, school transports, and similar low-usage activities, you should be fine with the one that covers 7-10 miles.

Weight Limit

How much weight a hoverboard can bear?- it’s indeed an essential question that you must ask yourself before buying one.

A typical hoverboard can take up to 220 lbs, but you’ll be better off with something that can safely carry over 300-400 lbs if you happen to be a hefty person. You are likely to find how much it can bear through the label or manual, indicating its weight limit. But you must consider the build quality no matter what, as it’s the decisive factor in this regard. More on this is discussed in the later segment.


Portability is another important factor that involves weight, except for this time, it relates to the weight of the hoverboard itself.

Consider the vacations, travels, public transports, and circumstances such alike where you’ll need to carry your hoverboard with you. You’ll undoubtedly want it to be lightweight and portable, so it doesn’t become a burden throughout your passages. Also, it’ll be convenient for you if the package includes a carry bag for easy portability.

However, portability is not only essential for travel but also for indoor movements as well. For instance, you’ll need to move it within your house and place it somewhere for charging.


This one is pretty obvious for sure. To get your hoverboard moving, it must have a battery.

Just we’ve said earlier, the explosion scenarios the past models used to deal with were mostly because of poor-quality batteries. So undoubtedly, checking the battery quality of the hoverboard you’re going to buy is an urge that you can’t overlook.

Batteries in hoverboards must pass the UL 2271 certification test, a test that specifically determines the quality of batteries. It determines if the chances of explosions are high or low, how much it’s capable of charge intake, how much it will aide the motor, how long it can go, and how safe it is for the environment.

The hoverboard charger is another critical factor you must take a close look at. Among your considerations, there should be voltage input and output, overcharge issues, and short circuit protection. However, you need not worry much if the hoverboard passes the UL 60959-1 certification, as it covers up for all the mentioned issues.

Charging Time

With batteries being pretty much everything of a hoverboard, it’s natural for them to be taking huge chunks of time to get charged up. So be sure of the supposed amount of time it’s going to cost every time you put it to charge.

Bluetooth and LED

Among additional features, you’ll want your hoverboard to offer Bluetooth functionality along with LED.

These days, almost every hoverboard comes with the Bluetooth feature, although it used to be a rare feature in earlier expensive models. The feature comes handy indeed, especially if you are a musicaholic. It lets you connect your music system to the machine wirelessly, allowing you to rock your rides in your own way.

The LED is also a popular feature found in hoverboard nowadays that glows up your riding path with flashing lights on both the front and rear. It’s a great feature to have when riding in the dark as well as for making your rides cool and fun.

App-Enabled Operation

The incorporation of mobile apps in electric self-balancing hoverboards is the latest trend in the gadget.

Manufacturers now offer both Android and iOS apps for their hoverboards that allow the user to directly handle their rides from their phones. It’s a tremendous advantage that both amateurs and experts can have. They can control their speed with more convenience whenever they want and reduce the knock-offs with more confidence. Besides, the apps also let you switch between the tracks as well.

Build Quality

The gadget that’s going roll the streets while carrying you must have a build sturdy enough to endure all the related stresses. The out-shell materials often make the difference when determining the quality of hoverboards. So you must check the housing material, the frame, metal or plastic wheels, and such.

However, it’s tough to check all these features when you’re making a purchase online. In that case, you can set some time aside and check the online customer reviews and what parts people have complained about before adding anything to the cart. It will give you good enough an idea about the product if not the most comprehensive one.


Last but not least, you can’t go without considering the self-balancing scooter price. Despite most of the hoverboards in the market being practically identical to each other, their prices vary. The cost involves the quality of the inner component, overall build quality, speed, range, power, durability, and so forth.

But again, a huge price tag doesn’t necessarily indicate a product’s superiority either. So look for the top-notch qualities in a hoverboard first thing while also keeping your budget along the line in the scenario.

Hoverboard Maintenance Tips

While riding a hoverboard is always fun and gaudy, it can well wear-off without the proper maintenance. Here, we have compiled a set of tips for maintaining hoverboards that will hopefully help you keep yours in shape for years for the fullest of enjoyment.

  • Regularly Clean the Wheels

The base of your hoverboard is wheels, where the motors are kept embedded. And that’s why you should regularly check if any dust or debris are stuck in there. Try to clean it with a brush that can go down the middle of it. It’s essential to do it so often as you can since any stuck object in the wheels can impact your ride.

After every ride, don’t forget to clean the wheels with a clean cloth. Also, make sure that the tires and the wheel shafts are always aligned in the same direction.

  • Never leave it to Sit Dead

While a fully charged battery is important to avail the full advantage of the hoverboard’s speed and range, it’s also essential to ensure its health. It’s needless to say that you’ll want your scooter to be fully charged before every ride, but it’s vital for keeping the inner components in their best condition. Also, you should remember not to use up all of the battery power and not to overcharge it either.

  • Check the Wiring

With frequent use, it’s natural for your hoverboard to encounter wear and tear in its inner wirings. It’s essential to check the connections every month to make sure the internal wirings are neat and tight.

If you see any scraped up wire, you should immediately replace it with the help of an expert, so it doesn’t cause any misconnection, and therefore, permanent damage. While doing the checking, don’t forget to unplug the device.

  • Ensure that the Components Sit Firmly in Place

The inner components in hoverboards can well get loose with all the heavy use and shake-ups. And it might cause annoying rattles in between the rides and may cause loud noise when it starts up. So make sure every component sits firmly where they belong.

  • Store it Well

If you’re set to go out on vacations or tours where you won’t be able to take your hoverboard with you, or if it’s unlikely that you’ll use it anytime soon, you should store the device well.

Store it in a dry, well-ventilated place, or somewhere under a shed where it won’t catch moisture. It’s an essential measure to consider since the motherboard and the battery of the device may get damaged otherwise.

  • Follow the Manual

You should always follow the user manual that comes with your hoverboard. Do not experiment riding on a terrain that the manual doesn’t instruct. Also, avoid rocky surfaces and uphills even if your device can withstand the impacts. It will help maintain the good overall health of your hoverboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, they shouldn’t. If it persists doing so, it means the motors are not aligned in the way they should. On encounters like this, re-calibrating the whole device is the quick fix that all you need.

It’s the international safety standard set for ensuring the goodness of the hoverboard batteries. A hoverboard certified with UL-2272 means that it has got an explosion-proof battery.

This problem is more related to the chargers than the batteries. If the charger is paired with a voltage outlet that doesn’t align with its requirement, you can encounter this problem.

It mostly depends on the build quality, batteries, and brand value. A typical hoverboard with lithium-ion battery tends to last for 3-4 years, but the increase (or decrease) of its lifespan may depend on how you use and care for it.

Here are some of the top-rated hoverboard brands in the business these days-azor USA, HaloBoards, Swagtron, Tomoloo, Epikgo, Gyroor, Segway.

We have reviewed some of the best kids models in our review section. Check if you find one for your child.

Any model that comes with UL-2271 certification can be safe from burns and explosions. However, buying from a trusted brand can cut all the hassles.

It can’t be answered in short. So, we have discussed it here.

We have discussed it in details here.


The hoverboards we’ve got now are still far away from the actual ones seen in movies. Nonetheless, these existing ones are fun toys for people of all ages.

Hopefully, this in-depth write-up on the best hoverboards reviews will help you find the perfect one, either you choose it for yourself or your kids. So wait no more, get your hands on a decent hoverboard from our list to get yourself rolling.

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