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WiiSHAM Longboard Review: Professional And Flexible Drop Down Longboards

Wiisham Longboard Review

A longboard is one type of skateboard that is used for skateboarding. Longboarding is one of the most popular games nowadays. People who love skateboarding are always searching for a good longboard for longboarding that has durability.  

If you are a skate lover, I think you are doing the same. Do you find a good skateboard at a reasonable price?

Do you need a durable, long skateboard? Then WiiSHAM Longboard skateboard 42 inches Complete Drop Down & Professional Longboard is for you. 

In this article, we will show you the Wiisham longboard review with pros & cons.

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What are Drop Through Longboards?

Longboards have variations in types and forms. One of the popular types of long skateboard is dropped through longboard. Drop through longboards are specifically built cruisers for size.

They are perfect for riding downhill as well as traveling swiftly from one place to another.

The biggest thing you will find about these kinds of boards is the way the trucks are connected.

Many skateboards have top-mounted vehicles that are connected straight to the bottom of the deck, although a drop through the board is constructed slightly different from another type of longboards.

For this kind of board, the truck is placed on top of the longboard, and the portion containing the wheels moves via the board. A drop-down longboard is a right choice for beginners.

Wiisham longboard review

Wiisham Longboards

Wiisham longboards skateboards are very popular among skate lovers. Among various professional longboards brand, Wiisham comes with their best longboard.

WiiSHAM Professional 42 inches Speed Downhill Drop Through Complete Longboard, which is one of the best flexible longboards in the world. 

Let’s discuss this hot and favorite pick!

Highlighted features

cheap drop down longboards

Deck Size and Design

wiisham 42inch longboards

The length of the deck is 42 inches, which is long enough and suitable for me. Anybody will undoubtedly like this Wiisham longboard. I love the floor of the longboard.

The measurement of this long skateboard is 42 lengths and 9 inches wide, arrives with nine piles of Canadian maple. If you are looking for a longboard for your kid, you can purchase WiiSHAM speed 42 inches downhill drop through professional longboard without any tension. Your kid will like the board.

The long skateboard contains a grip tape, which makes the cool longboard stuff for skate lovers.

The graphical visualization and shade pattern of the deck of this WiiSHAM longboard is hot.

It’s trying to give such a cool look. There are quite fascinating visuals for this longboard, and I liked the one that a zebra tangledly sculpted on the board.

Longboard’s central theme is zebra lines. You may choose the longboard with the deck, which mostly infuriates you.

The maple is strongly connected to high-quality water-based adhesive, and it is lightweight but durable. The maple creates a wonderful-looking too.

You can select the longboard with the deck that astonishes you more than any other brand’s board. This longboard also has an incredibly durable layer, which could make you surprised when you compare the price with another longboard. WiiSHAM provides cheap drop-down longboards than other brands.

Wheels Of The Longboard

wiisham longboards skateboards

WiiSHAM Professional Speed Downhill Drop Complete Longboard has 83 A PU material in wheels. So, the wheels have a hardness on the durability level, which ensures that it has reasonably strong wheels.

We must say that the wheels are excellent in quality. The longboard has Faster wheels.

They speed up the rides faster on the streets as well as the road surface. The measurement of wheels is 70mm diameter and 52 mm thickness, which is a perfect measure for any longboard wheels.


The bearings are maintained a high standard. They are useful in quality too. Weight 9 at the ABEC standard. The pedals configure with a high-speed lube also.

Although the quality of the bearings is excellent, some of the users of this longboard felt it is essential to replace the bearings after a certain period.


The size of the truck is 7 inches. It comes with an axle width. The material of the truck is a 356-T6 aluminum alloy that makes the base plate.

The truck is hanging below the gravity spreading heat solution through the T6 method.

With conservation, it became older, washing then stopping the remedy.

The floor is neatly cleaned, covered, and painted. It has a highly polished secure, and robust metal kingpin. 

TPU cushion is a 100A durometer. The cushion is extra safe and ideal for ABC skateboards.

Size: 7 inches with Axle width.

Other specialties

The whole ride of this longboard has a clear cut positioning system, and the longboard comes with the sturdy and complete packaging.

The longboard is absolutely user friendly. The longboard’s maximum weight is 250 lbs. It is one of the cheap dropdown longboards in the world.

Are WiiSHAM drop down longboards good?

Now, Let’s put out the pros & cons of this WiiSHAM drop down longboard:



Final Verdict

We expect that our wiisham longboard review will be helpful for you. When you go to purchase a longboard, this review and suggestion will be workable absolutely.

You cannot expect such a good quality longboard at a low price. WiiSHAM is the brand that promises to provide you quality longboards at a reasonable price.

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