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10 Best Santa Cruz Longboards Review

Santa Cruz Longboard Review

Wheel under the feet is just a fantastic experience which every age people can have for themselves. You know what, while we are exploring the surrounding riding on the wheel, it feels just awesome.

In the world of sports and racing, riding on the right one is always important. Nowadays, all ages of people, kids to adults, are cheering the amusement of longboards riding. As like them, if you want to do so, you should find the best longboards to ride.

In this case, you can choose Santa Cruz as a perfect brand for you. You know what; you will find this article as a useful and genuinely informative guide for the best Santa Cruz longboards review for the users.

Having a longboard of this brand can be handy for you. First of all, the features of this brand are just eye-catching. On the other hand, the performance quality and durability will blow your mind for sure.

So, lets start!

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About Santa Cruz

As a brand of skating industry, Santa Cruz started their historic journey almost 50 years back. In the beautiful small town named Santa Cruz of California State of United States of America, this brand opened in 1973. From the beginning, it has conquered users’ minds because of the quality and lucrative arts on the board. You know what; the longboards of Santa Cruz has got a unique design in comparison with other brands.

Moreover, the longboards of Santa Cruz carries the historical and mythical icon in their design. It provides the best longboard for adults. Besides, you can find the best longboard for kids from this brand.

10 Best Santa Cruz Longboards Review

Surprisingly, this brand has got a reputation to gather variation in their products line. The quality of those products is significantly satisfactory for the users. In this case, you need to be more selective about choosing the best one. So, to make it possible, we have gone through in-depth research to find the best products for you.

In this article, we are going to disclose ten best models from Santa Cruz along with details.

1. Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Stack Drop Through Longboard

Another comes for you to get a better experience in longboard riding. To start with the details, we like to enlighten your thought on the features of this model. At first, you will find this model quite smaller and just a board of beginner kind. With this board, anyone from the beginner level can comfortably ride and surf on the rugged road.

Though it is a starter model, it can enable you to get better speed with shredders. The most important fact is that it has come in nine North American most exceptional Maples. That is why it is quite sturdy.

If we measure the total size of this model, we will come to know that it has got 160 longboard trucks along with 70 Millimeter Road Rider. The actual diameter of the wheel is 78a approximately.

So, it is quite sure that you can have smooth rolling in any kind of surface.

Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Stack Drop Through Longboard



2. Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard

Let’s begin our details talk with the design of this model. It is a perfect one having an aesthetic graphic design on both sides of the deck.

A lion’s roaring face will attract your eyes to look on it again and again.  Moreover, the red and yellow combination color has enriched its attractiveness.

You Know what, the manufacturer has used die grip to the board to ensure the perfect sticking with the stripes. In this model, you will find that it has come with a body build-up of eight-ply maple veneers.

On the other hand, it has got a Cambered figure with taco bowl-shaped for ensuring significant control. Moreover, you will like its 32 inches wheelbase. It is quite a large longboard for well-learned users. The speed of this model, undoubtedly, will satisfy you. 

Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Cruzer Freeride Longboard



3. Santa Cruz Impact Drop Down Cruzer longboard

You will find this model unique in features. Among another longboard of Santa Cruz, it has got 160 bullet trucks. Most importantly, it is so rare in comparison with different longboards. Another thing to make you satisfies is the wheels.

In this model, you will see 90a OJ wheels. That is why this board runs fast. On the other hand, an important feature that comes to blow your mind is the soft bushing. It enables us to have comfort while riding on the longboard.

Besides, you will be worry-free because of its bearing quality. It provides durable service to the board. So, running will be fun for you without hassles. Deep dark color with a yellow circle looks a grand gesture in riding.

To make you genuinely informed, we like to disclose the fact is that it has designed to roll on the concrete road only. 

Santa Cruz Impact Drop Down Cruzer longboard



4. Santa Cruz Pintail Complete Longboard

Overwhelming design and features have addressed it as the perfect rolling board for the users. You know what, the manufacturer produces it for the island lifestyle. Its soft wheels can carry you anywhere you want.

The most important fact is that it is quite strong and durable because of its full American maple deck. For the beauty and the performance, users often consider it as a cruiser, not a longboard.

On the other hand, the manufacturer Bullet B180mm RKP Trucks along with Slimeballs OG Slime 60mm and 78A udometer wheels. The amazing things are that you will get spray on the grip and bullet coating ABEC 3 bearings.

So, the high speed and controlling turn will be a reward for you from Santa Cruz. That is why; you will find this model as one of the best models produced by Santa Cruz so far.

Santa Cruz Pintail Complete Longboard



5. Santa Cruz Flame Dot Drop Down Longboard

If you are high-speed fanatics, then it can be an excellent choice for you. Santa Cruz has made a slogan for it as hit the hills in style.

You know what; the design is quite fantastic in red flame dot. Hard rock Maple wood has increased its bodybuilding for sure.

Santa Cruz uses nine plies to make its deck. That is why; this model has got top mountain construction. The measurement of the board is quite similar to other models such as Road Rider 180 longboard trucks and Road Rider 72mm.

Besides, you will find 78a wheels on the downside, which runs fast. Speed is the key to this model.  

Santa Cruz Flame Dot Drop Down Longboard



6. Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Longboard

At first, let’s begin with the most lucrative longboard of Santa Cruz. In this model, you will get the most beautiful maple in 8 piles, which ensures the body build-up of it.  You know what; the design is the key to this type of board.

In the downside, you will find a unique art of blue hand. It looks like a screaming mouth. The perfect design of this model has created a thunder among the user’s mind. It is 35 inches long and 10 inches wide. Moreover, you will get 25 inches wheelbase in this model. 

On the other hand, the aluminum hanger has made it sturdy.  You will find that the deck is quite comfortable for you to ride. Besides, the diameter of the wheel is perfect enough to go through any hard space or rugged area smoothly.

You know what, the bearing of these longboards is quite long-lasting. So, you can be worry-free about this hand longboard.  

santa cruz screaming hand longboard



7. Santa Cruz Rob Hand Foot Stop Drop thru Longboards

The practical and efficient rolling board has got a perfect shape to ride on every rugged area. In this regard, we can name this model as a perfect one.

Though the price of it is not quite low, it provides the best value for money. You can be sure that you will get the most eye-catching features in this model with your hard-earned money.

On the other hand, this model comes with perfect body condition. You will find it has got a truck of 180 Millimeter Road Rider. Besides, the manufacturer has included better bearings, which are ABEC 5 unions. So, the rolling, for sure, will be the greatest for you.

The wheelbase is good enough to carry your deck. It has got 78a wheels for perfect running. The fact will amuse is that it has got a combined color design in the form of a screaming mouth.

santa cruz rob hand foot stop drop thru longboards



8. Santa Cruz Shark Dot Pintail Longboard

In all of our discussions, we have got longboards which are most suitable for the advanced users. But now, we are going to present a model perfectly compatible with the beginners.

We know you have already understood this is the particular model we are talking about till now. Besides, the advanced users will find it a great experience provider also.

The best thing is that you can have fun while rolling downhill. The manufacturer has designed it only for this type of road. Let’s find the exact measurement of this model. It has got Road Rider 72 Millimeter.

Besides, you will find its 78a wheels along with ABEC 3 bearings.  Like other models, it has reached 180 trucks as a Road Rider. 

santa cruz shark dot pintail longboard



9. Santa Cruz Mahaka Rasta Fade Pintail Longboard

The sunlight on the road can be the best definition of this longboard. The full yellow-based color, along with stripes, has made this board so unique.

You know the most eye-catching thing is that its wheels look like a mirror. It is because the wheels have got perfect transparency in design.

Santa Cruz has made with American Maple wood to ensure the solidness of the deck. On the other hand, you will find that its wheelbase angle is quite keen to hold the wheels and bear the load of the pack. 

The road may rugged and covered with various hardened things, but you don’t need to think of those anymore.

santa cruz mahaka rasta fade pintail longboard



10. Santa Cruz Vertigo Wavy Dot Drop Down Longboard

We are quite familiar with the beautiful design of Santa Cruz’s longboard. In this model, you will get a similar thing. The deep dark deck color, along with the white circle in the middle, has made with a fantastic model.

It has got Road Rider 170 Trucks for better and smooth running. On the other hand, the wheels have come with 70a.

Besides, the bushing system is quite fabulous, and you will get maximum comfort while riding. Moreover, the turning capability of this model is quite impressive.

santa cruz vertigo wavy dot drop down longboard



Our Recommendation

You have got overall information regarding the best products in Santa Cruz. We have gone through detail research work to enlighten your thought. So, you may choose from the above list of the products. But in case of the perfect one, we will recommend you to buy Santa Cruz Rob Hand Foot Stop Drop thru Longboards. In every sense, it is the most amazing longboards. It has got a sturdy deck made from North American Maple wood.

On the other hand, the road rider, perfect wheelbase, and speed will blow your mind. Moreover, you can use this longboard for any kind of surface, especially for downhill. In this way, you can get the best value for money by choosing this model to ride.

The Bottom Line

Longboarding is a fantastic experience for everyone. You can have deep enjoyment during your leisure time. In this regard, Santa Cruz can be the perfect brand for you. It has got a long history of making the best skating board making. You know what; the design and the features are the keys of this brand. That is why every class of people like the longboards of this brand.

We hope, from this Santa Cruz longboards review you will be able to choose the perfect one for you very easily.

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