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How to Choose the Best Carving Longboards of 2021?

Longboard nowadays is a popular game that every stage of people finds the ideal for spending free time. It’s a cool sport for kids, adults, and toddlers to refresh their minds as well as their bodies with a healthy habit. While looking for the finest longboard that goes well is really no easy task.

From the board’s background to the front view, you want to check everything. Don’t worry, I have made wonderful hours of research by picking my handpicked 6 best carving longboards that are good in every way.

To find out their review, read down below:

Do you need Carving Longboards?

Carving longboards are a special type of board that goes best for surf-like riding style. As carving is like a fluid riding, this type of board is good for the city and streets to roam around one place to another.

The main difference between cruising and carving on the longboard is their riding style and purposes. If you look at the cruising, it is just moving around pushing on a longboard. Conversely, curving is just bending around any type of road on the longboard.

Check out some top rated Cruising Longboards here.

Curving on a longboard is a good pick for anyone who wants better motion and freedom of riding. This thing not only impersonates ocean surfing but also give you both practical and creative feel of pleasure. Carving on a longboard also gives a better taste of carves and speed.

Carving is all about the flow of longboarding that basically carves into and out when riding. In longboarding, carving gives riders better ripping around fast speed and good flow.

There are many styles of longboard however not all are best for carving. Commuter-style top mount boards are great or giving you lots of power and control over the wheels to feel better curve and speed.

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Top 6 Best Carving Longboards 2021

Before going to the buyer’s guide, here are my favorite 6 finest quality and feature included carving longboard that is best in both worlds. I will give good details of their size, weight, looks, and description. Without wasting further time, let’s look into their aspects:

Product Name


Max. Weight Limit


Atom Drop Through Longboard

How to Choose the Best Carving Longboards of 2021? 1



Atom Drop Deck Longboard

How to Choose the Best Carving Longboards of 2021? 2



Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Longboard

How to Choose the Best Carving Longboards of 2021? 3



Loaded Icarus Bamboo Longboard

How to Choose the Best Carving Longboards of 2021? 4


Flex 1: 170-250+lbs
Flex 2: 75-200+lbs

White wave bamboo longboard 

How to Choose the Best Carving Longboards of 2021? 5



Magneto bamboo longboard 

How to Choose the Best Carving Longboards of 2021? 6



1. Atom Drop Through Longboard

Atom brand comes with a drop-through style longboard that makes sure users are getting the amazing design and 50-degree base trucks. This drop-through style longboard makes sure you are pushing less yet going forward to the next level. Yet, here are some key features:

  • Great Deck Design:

This longboard comes with an amazing deck that is made out of 8-ply maple laminate. It on top makes sure you are using the board outside with no snag of durability even if riding in an uneven road. This deck also allows you to achieve plenty of space.  

  • Amazing 4 Wheels:

It on top comes with 70mm length and 51mm width 4 wheels that are strong and sturdy to ride in any type of road. These 78A 4 wheels on top make sure you are riding better and smother for trying out some advanced tricks. It also makes sure you are getting no speed trouble on uneven roads.

  • Strong Bearings:

This carving longboard on top comes with ABEC 9 that makes sure wheels are running in a better state. It also makes sure you are facing no snag of rust or corrosion even if the board bearings contact with heat or rain.

Atom Drop Through Longboard



2. Atom Drop Deck Longboard

Another mention of the Atom brand that offers good quality and feature drop deck longboard for long-term usage. It also makes sure you are getting better riding freedom and plenty of space to move feet while pushing fine. Yet, here are some key features:

  • Reverse King Pin Trucks:

This longboard comes with reverse kingpin trucks that are 50-degree base makes it one of the best carving longboard trucks. It as well as makes sure you are facing no snag of a loose fit. The trucks also appear with 180mm hangers for avoiding damages.

  • High-Speed Lubricant:

It on top appears with amazing working lubricate that helps the wheels to run smoothly. This lubricant makes sure the longboard bearings are getting rid of rust or corrosion snags. It as well as makes sure you are riding faster in uneven roads.

  • Good Looking Grip Tape:

This longboard comes with attractive coarse 46 grit grip tape with an artisan brown color that makes super users look nice while riding in the street. It also makes sure fast and aggressive stoke removal. This thing on top gives better traction.

Atom Drop Deck Longboard



3. Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Longboard

Sector 9 longboard comes with amazing quality and durability for beginner to intermediate. It is not only great for enjoying long-term riding but also runs this board smoothly with a drop-through style deck. Yet, here are some key features of this longboard:

  • Smooth Wheels:

This board comes with 69MM 80A wheels that make sure users are riding in the street smoothly. Even though it doesn’t ride well in bumpy roads, it runs smoothly in the flat and rough surfaces. The wheels are made in a strong material that makes it run faster.

  • Good Trucks Setups:

It appears with 9 balls included ABEC 5 bearings with Gullwing sidewinder trucks that make sure users get a better balance on the sharp turns. The trucks are also super flexible for riding safely. It on top makes sure you are going faster and stably ride during the climb down.

  • Great for Carving:

This board is a great pick for carving and flexing. It also makes sure you are getting standing space and spread to put feet for additional comfort and control. This thing on top gives great for turn and cruise style.

Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Longboard



4. Loaded Icarus Bamboo Longboard

If you want a stable and easier pushing design, the Loaded bamboo longboard is a smart pick. It also makes sure minimal nose and tail kicks so that users can navigate city streets with a simple freestyle ride. However, here are some key features of this longboard:

  • Good Versatility:

This board on top is a great option for users to enjoy better versatility. It is not only great for riding in carving style but also ideal for pumping, freeride, freestyle, urban commuting, and other transportations. This board also gives a good balance to enjoy riding in several styles.

  • Strong & Light Board:

It on top comes with a strong and lightweight constructive board that makes sure better durability and lively ride. This board also construct with vertically laminated bamboo and fiberglass blend for users to enjoy long-term support. It on top ensures no vibration snags.

  • Quality Paris Trucks:

This board comes with quality Paris 180mm trucks that are angled in a 50° angle. They are designed in matte black color that gives smooth and controls the turning response. The trucks also make sure hard carving and all-around riding.

Loaded Icarus Bamboo Longboards



5. White Wave Bamboo Longboard

The White Wave’s longboard is an amazing option for longer carving with its drop-through trucks, symmetrical shape, and good flexes. It on top makes sure you are getting better pushing power and control to ride around town effortlessly. Yet, here are some key features of this longboard:

  • Strong and Snug Deck:

This board on top comes with a strong deck that has a slightly or medium concave that gives users a comfortable feel. It also makes sure better turning and swaying than other flat decks. And, the deck has 41-inch length and 9.75-inch width to move feet in plenty of space.

  • Good Appearance:

Unlike other brands, this board is designed in heat transferred graphics, screaming yellow wheels, and matte black trucks that make it great in looks. It also makes sure you are looking cool when riding in the street or trying for learning basic tricks.

  • Excellent Quality & Material:

It also comes in great quality that is made out of several layers of high featured, fortified and sturdy bamboo and Canadian maple material. This board on top makes sure you are getting a better balance and supports weight not more than 250lbs.

White Wave Bamboo Longboards



6. Magneto Bamboo Longboard

Made of bamboo, Canadian Maple, fiberglass, and carbon fiber, the Magneto longboard is a great pick for the price and quality. This bamboo longboard on top makes sure you are getting cool innovative shapes and concavities. Yet, here are some key features of this longboard:

  • Light in Weight:

It on top is light in weight as the board is made out of low-density fiberglass and carbon fiber that gives better strength and flexes. This board also has max weight for up to 275lbs. It is on top makes sure you are carrying it without feeling heavy.

  • Flexibility & Steady Design:

Want to know the best part? This board on top comes with a flexible and steady design that is great for downhill riding or carving. It also makes sure you are pushing off the ground at full speed. This thing on top creates a low center of gravity for a stable ride.

  • 4 Soft Wheels:

The 4 soft wheels of this board are 7mm by 53mm in size great for drifting or twisting tricks. It also makes sure you are riding for fast carving and cruising experience.

magneto bamboo longboards




How to Choose the Best Carving Longboards of 2021? 6

Magneto Bamboo & Fiberglass Drop

How to Choose the Best Carving Longboards of 2021? 8

Magneto Tesla downhill Longboard

How to Choose the Best Carving Longboards of 2021? 9

Magneto Carbon


42"x9" Bamboo & Fiberglass

35"x9" Pure Canadian Maple

37"x9" Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass & Bamboo


Subtle U-Shape




7" Precision Gravity Cast Aluminum

7" Precision Gravity Cast Aluminum

7" Precision Gravity Cast Aluminum


73 mm x 53 mm - 83A High Rebound

73 mm x 53mm - 78A High Rebound

73 mm x 53mm - 78A High Rebound


Best for Carving & Dancing and Long smooth rides.

The most versatile board. Best in hills, for simple commuting and carving.

Best technologically advanced boards for going fast in the hills.


Factors to Consider for the Best Longboards for Carving

best longboard for carving and sliding

Finding the finest longboard or skateboard is quite a big job for a beginner if not done with good research. You want to consider some factors as there are many types, flexes, designs, and sizes carving longboard. To make things simpler, here are some easy tricks that’ll help you:

Type of Carving Longboards

The longboards actually come in a good variety of types depending on the riding style. The most popular types of longboards are pintail, double kick cutaway, drop-through double kick cutaway, and drop-through symmetrical cutaway. Let’s look into their details:

  • Pintail with Kicktail

If you are a longboard lover, you must-have know the pintail with kicktail style ones. It is known for its additional utility and bigger upturned tail. This type of longboard is also good for city cruising and basic fun tricks.

  • Double Kick Cutaway

This type of longboard comes in an upturned nose and tail that are great for freestyle tricks. The double kick cutaway has a special design that helps riders to run the range to ride freely. It is also a great pick for both intermediate and advanced riders.

  • Drop-Through Double Kick Cutaway

The drop-through double kick cutaway comes with a lowered riding platform that makes them super simple to thrust for beginners. Even though it can lessen maneuverability, the drip-through double kick cutaway gives you better stability at a modest speed.

  • Drop-Through Symmetrical Cutaway

The last type of longboard is the drop-through symmetrical cutaway. This longboard type comes with a lowered platform yet they are more rounded than other types. The drop-through symmetrical cutaway gives better pushing, stability, reduces wheel bites, and speed for first-timers. Yet, they lessen maneuverability.

Inspect Longboard Grip Tape

Another thing which you want to consider before going to the market is the longboard grip tape. The grip tapes are the good quality graphics that included stickers on the longboard trucks.

There are many types of longboard grip tape designs and colors. It is essential the grip tape of the longboard should attach with pretty strong glue. Also, the nice design grip tapes included carving longboard are a good pick.

Verify Longboard Carving Deck

You definitely want to look into the longboard deck for not regretting later. The deck of longboards should have good durability and comfort for carving. For that, try to check your chosen longboard if they has a strong and snag deck.

Consider the Wheels

Wheels are a vital fact that you want to inspect in your chosen longboard. For carving, you definitely want at least 64-80mm in diameter and contact patches of 38-70mm smooth working wheels that are softer. The stronger wheels are you can achieve faster speed for all surface use.

Check the Trucks

If you want a longboard for carving, it’s vital to check the trucks. Basically, the reverse kingpin trucks are better for larger longboard setups. Equally, standard kingpin trucks are good for smaller longboard setups. Most trucks have 150-184mm hanger or a 9-10″ axle for better turning.

Choose the Right Weight & Flexes

The right size and flexes are another important fact that you want to ensure before picking a longboard for carving. You can find better flexes if your chosen board has is lightweight and thinner is design. Conversely, the bulky board with thick layout will result in you better maneuver but low flexes. So, decide the board on your preference.  

Final Words...

In the end, a carving longboard is a good option for any sports lover to enjoy riding in the open area. There are many terms you want to check before going with a longboard especially when picking for carving.

As carving needs a decent longboard, so ensure to read the description properly. You on top want to consider the comment section to understand its feel and additional details. Don’t forget to check the YouTube reviews of your chosen board.

Therefore, I hope this guide about the best carving longboards with detailed buyers guide for you to choose easily and hope you’ll try out products. Done reading? Go get one!

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