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What are the Best Cruising Longboards of 2021?

the best cruiser longboards reviews 2020

When we think of planning for cruising, the simple and fun time spending solution hit upon our mind in longboards. It is right now the most popular sports that every age wishes to try out. If you want the finest longboards that are ideal in quality and durability, it’s a very hard task for first-timers.

Don’t worry, I have done hours of research over the longboard and picked my favorite 5 best cruising longboards that have everything for a novice to enjoy. So without wasting time, here are my favorite longboards reviews.

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5 Best Cruising Longboards of 2021

To pick the right one, there are a lot of features you want in a longboard especially when it comes to cruising. For making your burden lesser, I have come with the finest quality longboards for cruising.

Let’s talk about them:

Product Name




What are the Best Cruising Longboards of 2021? 1

Atom Pintail Longboard


Best Starter Longboard

What are the Best Cruising Longboards of 2021? 2

Landyachtz Dinghy longboard


Multi-purpose & old-school vibe

What are the Best Cruising Longboards of 2021? 3

Flybar Skate Pintail Cruiser Longboard


Perfect for all level riders

What are the Best Cruising Longboards of 2021? 4

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard 


Environment friendly

What are the Best Cruising Longboards of 2021? 5

Sector 9 Unisex Macking Mini Lookout Complete Longboard


Best overall complete longboard

1. Atom Pin-Tail Longboard

The Atom’s longboard is a great option for anyone to get a smooth and joyful ride in any grounds. It also comes with amazing design, quality, and durability to use this board for a longer time. Yet, here are some features of this longboard:

  • Amazing Deck Shape:

This longboard comes with an amazing artistic shape that is 42 inches drop through the cambered deck. It on top makes sure you are getting better flexes and get rid of impact when trying stunts or tricks. This thing also makes sure you are getting super flexible, shock-absorbent, and unsurpassed in strength.

  • Easy to Setup:

It on top is quite simple to set up the nuts, wheels, and other parts by doing in the right path. For better side turns, you want the truck nuts to be loosened so that it can maneuver better. If you want straight-line riding, it’s good to tighten.

  • Awesome Reverse Kingpin Trucks:

This longboard features one of the best cruising longboard trucks that are made of genuine aluminum. It is 7-inch that makes sure adjustable tuning by setting them as 50 or 45 degrees. This thing also ensures you to ride longboard comfortably with no snag.

Atom Pin-Tail Longboard



2. Landyachtz Dinghy Longboard

If you are looking for a reliable and daily usage longboard then the Landyachtz Dinghy longboard is your best bet. This longboard is a smart pick as it features awesome durability and simple to usage benefits. Yet, here are some key features of this longboard:

  • Solid Bear Trucks:

It on top comes with solid bear trucks that are durable so that users can enjoy riding with more response and faster speed. The trucks also make sure you are getting fine-tune speed with a responsive brake. It also makes sure you are getting medium bushings support.

  • Amazing Hawgs Wheels:

This longboard also comes with top-quality 4 Hawgs wheels that make it one of the best cruising longboard wheels. It on top makes sure you are riding smoothly even in the critical, rough, or flat surfaces at ease. This thing also ensures you are riding faster than others.

  • Top-Notch Spaceball Bearings:

With the best cruising longboard bearings, it makes sure faster accelerate, roll further, and higher lasting benefits than other traditional stainless steel bearings. The bearings also make sure your wheel is tuning in the straight line and turn without difficulty for efficiency ride.

Landyachtz Dinghy longboard



3. Flybar Skate Pintail Cruiser Longboard

Flybar brand is known for its one of the most popular Pintail style longboard. This longboard comes with a cruise precisely down hills and around town usage design for anyone to enjoy at any skill. Yet, let’s look into some key features of this productive longboard:

  • Solid Construction:  

This longboard comes with a 7-ply Canadian maple constructive board that makes sure users enjoy better quality and riding comfort at the same time. It also allows you to enjoy riding with large open space for putting your weight easily. This thing on top ensures perfect cruising and carving.

  • Compact and Lightweight:

It comes in a 36-inch length and 9.6-inch width with nice 80S black printed grip tape that increases the looks of the longboard. The small and light design of this longboard provides you to enjoy a strong grip for a stable and controlled ride. It also allows you to easily maneuver.

  • Beautiful Pintail Design:

The Pintail longboard on top has a classic Pintail style that is great for users to enjoy cruising. It also makes sure you are looking good no matter where you are using it. In my amazement, this longboard goes well with beginner, intermediate and advanced users.

Flybar Skate Pintail Cruiser Longboard



4. VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard

The Volador brand comes with the 42inch Freeride longboard that is great in quality and durability with awesome features. It also makes sure better flex and shock absorber for you to enjoy riding with no snag. Yet, here are some key features:

  • Amazing Deck:

This longboard on top comes with amazing 8-ply natural hard rock maple and epoxy glue deck that are healthy material. It also makes sure you are riding in plenty of space for doing basic tricks easily. This thing is on top great for bringing a more fun environment.

  • Durable Wheels and Bearings:

It also comes with durable 70x51mm 78A PU wheels that make sure you are riding in smooth rolls. The 4 wheels on top work with strong and long-term supportive ABEC-9 precision bearings. They also make sure you enjoy an unsurpassed smooth ride in the road, street, or at home.

  • Good 24/7 Client Service:

This brand on top comes with amazing client service for their buyers to get rid of critical issues related to the product. They also make sure their buyers are happy with their purchase. Besides, the client service comes with amazing tricks and advice.

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard



5. Sector 9 Unisex Macking Mini Lookout Complete Longboard

The Sector 9 unisex Macking longboard comes with amazing 69mm 78A Sector 9 top shelf wheels for cruising easily. It on top allows you to achieve critical tricks easily with simple twists and turns. Yet, let’s look into the key feature of this longboard:

  • Rough and Tough Bearings:

This skateboard on top comes with rough and tough ABEC 5 bearings that make sure users ride faster safely. Basically, wheels roll smoother with good bearings support just like these. It as well as makes sure you are riding with better control.

  • Great Grip Tape Design:

It on top comes with stunning and attractive grip tape that makes sure you are riding while looking good. This grip tape is also designed perfectly that has good glue. It as well as makes sure you look stylish while trying the basic tricks.

  • Amazing Concave Benefits:

This longboard on top comes with amazing carves and line that makes sure users to comfortably ride for a longer period of time. It as well as makes sure you are riding with better grips to move your feet without restraint. This thing also makes sure you get better stability and power.

Sector 9 Unisex Macking Mini Lookout Complete Longboard



What to Look for in the Best Cruiser Longboards?

best cruising longboard wheels

Finding the right longboards is a big task for a novice as they are new to them. You definitely don’t want to invest your money on short-term usage, less feature, and low-quality longboard. So, here are some factors which will help you find the finest one:

Types of Longboards

There are some types of longboard for you to get your perfect one to enjoy cruising. To do critical tricks in a hill or any uneven surface, the right longboard type will offer you better foot support. So, let’s find out the 4 longboards types:

  • 1. Pintail Longboard

Pintail longboard is the most common type for cruising in any kind of surface. This type of longboard is great in shape, wide board, and size that helps users to ride to near point for hours of riding. It is also a great pick for carving and cruising.

  • 2. Fishtail Longboard

Fishtail longboard is another option that’s designed in a bit shorter than pintail boards. This type of longboard has a pointed nose and supports perfectly for cruising. They are also more compact in shape that makes it more portable for riding outside.

  • 3. Blunt Longboard

Another type of longboard is blunt that is less pointed than the other two ones. They give less clearance for wheels that makes sure users ride smoothly and better grips. If being compared to the fishtails and pintails, they are more like a traditional skateboard design.

  • 4. Twin Boards Longboard

The last type of longboard is twin boards. They are quite similar to a regular skateboard that many people might get confused. This type of longboard is fatter and heavier versions. They are also comparatively stable and strength for riding in uneven, rough, and flat surfaces at ease.

Check the Deck Size

Another thing you want to check before picking the cruising longboard is the deck size. For sure, the bigger the deck comes in a longboard you will taste comfortable ride. However, you have to sacrifice the bulky feel for its big size when carrying around.

For cruising points, you want to consider the size that not only helps you in urban spaces but also a city or mini cruiser. The longboard that is 28” to 32” inches range that would be enough for daily use. Yet, if you want to cruise in a beach or parks, you should go with 32” to 38” inches longboard.

Consider the Deck Shape

Best longboards for cruising 2020

You should also check the deck shape when picking a cruising longboard. Most longboard deck should come in a more like a bullet in a directional shape with a narrow pointer than the tail.

It as well as support you to enjoy quick turning and better footing when riding in the surface. There are many shape longboards that are good for different purposes.

For extended-distance cruising, you want to go with a classic cutout shape longboard that ensures lowered ride height and easy pushing. In view of that, be sure to pick a longboard that has a comfortable foot space.

Pick the Easier Mount Style

If you want a cruising longboard, it’s vital for you to go with an easier mounting style one. There are two types so common mounting styles in the longboard. Both top mount and drop-through mount styles are good to work with. It doesn’t matter as both these mounting styles are fine.

By and large, top mount style is good for quick and responsive turns. While on the other hand, the drop-through mounting style is ideal for better stability, responsiveness, and moves forward to ride faster. So, keep that in mind when in the market.

Check the Concave

The concave of the longboard is another fact for you to consider when picking the board. Any longboard should have relaxed and comfortable riding support with a good mellow concave to move your feet freely on the deck. It also ensures your feet to find a better balance.

Yet, there are many times that when you’ll try to ride longboard on the hillside, it’s vital for you to pick a prominent concave. It as well as makes sure you are getting foot lock-in at speed. You can also choose your preference concave and cruiser style.

Inspect the Construction and Flex

If you are the type of person who likes to try a more adventurous riding style for learning critical tricks, it’s vital for you to consider the construction and flexes.

The construction and flexes of the longboard are usually made out of the 7 to 9-ply hardwood maple construction. You see, the more durable and stronger your longboard is constructed the more you’ll feel flexes when riding or trying any tricks.

Also, the strong constructive longboard will result in your lasting value for avoiding extra spending. So, ensure to check the construction and flexes.

Verify the Trucks

best cruising longboard trucks

Trucks of longboard should design in a good width and length for a fast and responsive ride. In general, you should go with a flowy and curvy shaped longboard that’ll provide you smooth turns and good speed. A high-quality reverse kingpin truck with good brushing is a fine pick. So, consider that when shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

For cruising purposes, longboard is an amazing option to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable experience. It also gives you better flexes and balance for cruising a longer period of time.

Longboards should come with rough and long-lasting bearings based on your skill level. If you are a novice, you should check the ABEC 3 bearings. The intermediates should go with ABEC 5 bearings for a smooth ride. And, the experts should pick ABEC 7 bearings for better balance.

The longboards should come in 4 strong and durable wheels to ride smoothly in any surface. For a beginner, you should go with soft and wider wheels to enjoy better grip and softer rides. If you are a pro, the hard and narrower wheels are good for faster turns.

The Bottom Line…

There are still some things which you want to consider when it comes to picking the longboards. The shape, size, wheels, bearings, trucks, decks, and other factors needed to be checked carefully before picking.

You also need to check the product descriptions to learn the whole specs. Also, don’t forget to check the comment section to understand the pros and cons better. Besides, be sure to do some research on the longboard parts and durability.

Therefore, I hope this guide about the best cruising longboards and buyer guides helped you and hope you find yourself the ideal one. Done reading? Go get one!

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