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Best Adult Kick Scooters 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

best adult kick scooters

Setting out on a scooter and roaming around the neighborhood had been one of the coolest things we did as a child. And now, as we’ve grown up, that very fascination and fun feeling still hardly seem to have faded away. Besides, scooting your way to work, commuting in the afternoons, or pleasure rides in your leisures can help you keep in shape as well.

So no matter how some people would frown upon you, don’t get cold feet. When you’ve decided to get a kick scooter, get one and start riding right away.

Here, we have come up with our reviews on some of the best adult kick scooters in the market, along with a comprehensive buying guide to help you out in making the perfect selection. So stick around.

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Reviews on The Best Adult Kick Scooters 2021

Best kick scooters for adult

Find all the reviews on the top-rated adult kick scooters in the market down below.





Best Adult Kick Scooters 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide) 1

Razor A5 LUX Kick Scooter


Our top Choice

Best Adult Kick Scooters 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide) 2

Streakboard Kick Scooter


Suitable for All

Best Adult Kick Scooters 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide) 3

Fuzion Cityglide Adult Kick Scooter


Easy to assemble

Best Adult Kick Scooters 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide) 4

HUDORA 205 Adult Folding Kick Scooter


Reinforced Deck

Best Adult Kick Scooters 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide) 5

Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter


Quick-Release Folding System & Front Suspension System

Best Adult Kick Scooters 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide) 6

Mongoose Expo 12 kick scooter 


Air filled tires

Best Adult Kick Scooters 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide) 7

Hikole adult teen kick scooter


Suitable for leisure, hiking and commuting

Best Adult Kick Scooters 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide) 8

Swagtron Commuter Kick Scooters


Under $100

Best Adult Kick Scooters 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide) 9

Razor A6 Kick Scooter 


For taller riders

Best Adult Kick Scooters 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide) 10

Globber One Kick Scooter


1-sec kick collapsing system

Best Adult Kick Scooters 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide) 11

Schwinn Adult Shuffle Scooter


 Keep the water & debris off the rider

Best Adult Kick Scooters 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide) 12

Micro kickboard scooters



Best Adult Kick Scooters 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide) 13

Micro Suspension Scooter


For Tall & Large Riders

Best Adult Kick Scooters 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide) 14

XOOTR Mg Kick Scooter


800+lb Capacity

Best Adult Kick Scooters 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide) 15

YONOS Electric Kick Scooter


UL Certified EBike for adults

Razor A5 LUX Kick Scooter

When it comes to purchasing a scooter, no matter what age group you’re buying it for, Razor is undoubtedly a name of trust and reliability. This A5 Lux is one of their high-caliber additions having a sturdy aluminum deck and T-tube.

Like every other Razor scooter, the A5 Lux is conveniently lightweight. It weighs less than nine and a half pounds, yet it’s sturdy enough to withstand 220 lbs of rider weight without worries. If that finds you in surprise, it’s aircraft-grade material build is what you have to thank it for.

It also comes with Razor’s patented folding mechanism, which allows you to fold or unfold it within a mere few seconds. The fast-acting rear brake is also patented. To let you seamlessly roll over just about any kind of surface, the scooter also comes with pretty big wheels.

However, the deck doesn’t commensurate much with the wheel size, which might be a concern for those having bigger feet. It may not allow enough room for both of their feet, especially with boots on.

The combination of big wheels and the highly-robust frame comes at a much affordable price when compared to its rivals. Besides, it offers four stunning color options that will align with your taste, whether you’re a teen, grownup man, or woman. Altogether, it’s one of the finest cheap scooters for adults over 100kg.

Read the full review of Razor A5 Dlx Scooter

Razor A5 LUX Kick Scooter


Brand-name of trust.
Highly durable aircraft-grade material build.
Super-fast folding mechanism.
Stunning color options.
Affordable price.


No-so-spacious deck.
Cheap bearings.

Streakboard Kick Scooters for Adult

The Streakboard scooter is an excellent combo of the much-sought-after attributes in adult kick scooters. It lets you enjoy the convenience and promptness of a quick-adjust height, a fair weight limit of 220 lbs, and of course, the comfort of a broad and spacious deck. All these goodness will bring along a complete balance and easeful control throughout your rides.

It allows you to boss around just about any surface type, be it asphalt, cobblestone, grass, or a brick walkway. You can expect to cruise through dirt without any trouble as well. If you wonder how it can do all these without an efficient suspension system, think no more. The smooth exterior of its super-sturdy 230mm large PU wheels is what responsible for gracing you with all these traveling benefits.

The rear fender in its rear will let you easily control your riding progress. And it also has its mudguard portion in it that saves you from dirty splashes or debris as you ride through.

We bet you can’t thank the makers enough for the generously spacious deck they’ve incorporated in the scooter. You can flex both of your feet within its surface whenever you feel like. And its lay-down design will keep you tireless throughout the long rides to sweeten things up all the more.

streakboard Kick Scooter


Highly shock-absorptive wheels.
Convenient height adjustment system.
Generously spacious deck.


Not-that-handy folding mechanism.

Fuzion Cityglide Adult Kick Scooter

Whether you’re a teen or adult, when you just want to get started riding a scooter with funky colors, the Fuzion Citylglide can be an excellent option. The combo of green and yellow comes with a design that is meant to out-spec the Razor A5 Lux.  One of the changes Fuzion has brought in this product compared to their prior B200 model is the exclusion of the handbrake.

It weighs a bit less than 10 pounds with a sturdy enough build. Yet, we’ll recommend the riders weighing more than 200 lbs to be more cautious as it seems to give in while attempting to withstand that amount of weight.

You’ll also want to take a closer look at the dimension of its deck, which is spacious enough to accommodate smaller persons but may not allow a taller or larger person to ride with satisfactory relaxations.

The scooter comes with generous handlebar adjustability, though, allowing a maximum of 37-inches off the ground. While its mid-size wheelset may disappoint a few of its potential suitors, despite its durability, the ABEC-9 grade bearings might be something that many will find attractive.  They’ll certainly get the job done for you if you prefer smoother rides over quicker ones.

While the Fuzion Cityglide lacks superiority with several of its components, the low price tag, along with the funky colors, will still be attracting both teens and adults.

Fuzion Cityglide Adult Kick Scooter


Vibrant colors.
Quick-acting fenders.
Generous handlebar adjustability.
Affordable price.


Not much fast.
Narrow deck.

HUDORA 205 Adult Folding Kick Scooter

Hudora, the well-renowned German brand, brings this big wheel scooter for adults, which has a pair of distinctive 205mm wheels. That surely is way bigger than regular 180mm to provide you with more stability in your rides.

The sizeable PU wheels also work as excellent shock absorbers to allow you to transcend those bumps and crevices on your route effortlessly. Besides, the skateboard style deep-drop deck design makes your kicks and pushes far more comfortable. It hardly requires your knees to bend much to give you tireless long rides.

With a weight, a bit over 10 lbs, its build is relatively lightweight, despite not to the extent of the Razor A5. But that’s because of a good reason, which relates a high amount of load capacity. In fact, it’s able to withstand far more than 220 pounds. Besides, the aluminum deck is spacious enough to provide enough room for a pair of large shoes.

It also comes with a 65Mn steel-made highly-durable rear fender, which not only acts fast but also holds up against weighty and forceful push-downs for the longer-term. Apart from these critical components, it offers a wide range of small details to make it stand out among its rivals. The likes of an unmatched steering tube and the three-second fold mechanism will undoubtedly give you satisfactorily convenient experiences.

HUDORA 205 Adult Folding Kick Scooter


Excellent shock-absorbing large wheels.
Three-second fold mechanism.
Highly durable.
Spacious deck.
Withstands more than 220 lbs of weight.
Deep-drop design for tireless long rides.


Thin grip tape.


Hudora have one more famous adult kick scooter named Hudora Big Wheel Style 230. Read here: Hudora Big Wheel Style 230 Review.

Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter

This Lascoota 2-in-1 is specially designed for riders aged eight years or above, but its sturdy components and features keep it hardly away from an ideal adult kick scooter.

The sturdy aluminum-steel build involves a front suspension keeping newbie 8-year-olds in mind. It also comes with a pair of high-quality rubber grips on its handlebars that are wear and tear-proof. And since it also targets adults, the handlebar can be adjusted for up to 39 inches.

It also offers a large pair of high-rebound PU-layered wheels that measure 250mm in diameter. With that big a wheelset and the front suspension, you can ride through the cracks and bumps without any worries. The rear fender brake is also heat-treated, which cuts down the concerns regarding wheel wearing.

The scooter also offers a highly-foldable mechanism, which makes it far more compact by allowing you to fold its handlebars. And with ten different color options, it promises to go along your riding style, no matter how you prefer it.

Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter


Spacious, anti-slip deck.
Highly impact absorbing.
Highly compact for easy portability.
Sturdy shoulder strap.


Hard-to-pull release button.

Mongoose Expo 12 Scooter

Both the look and performance of this BMX-inspired Mongoose Expo seem to be more into bike than a scooter. Although it has been designed in a way to suit kid riders, the scooter pretty much doubles up as an adult scooter.

It comes with a pair of extra-large 12-inch wheels that allow the scooter glide like a bike. You’ll also find a couple of handbrakes on its bike-like handlebar, which gives you much more control over the scooter while riding.

The wide-foot deck is generously spacious enough. In fact, it’s the prime reason why the scooter competently stands up as an adult kick scooter. Besides, it lets you adjust the height of the handlebar to match your preferred height. Moreover, its maximum weight limit of 220 pounds clearly denotes its intention to suit older kids, teens, and grownups.

With a pair of large, air-filled BMX-like wheels, you can glide past just about any surface, especially throughout rough, hilly terrains. However, the handbrakes are not as compatible as to match faster rides, and you may want to invest in them separately.

Nevertheless, when you’re into both scooting and kick scooter commuting, there are very few models in the market that stands out like the Mongoose expo.

mongoose expo 12 kick scooter


Extra-large pneumatic tires.
Suitable for all surfaces.
Suits both kids and adults.


Slow-acting brakes.
Not the kick scooters for tall riders.

Hikole Adult Teen Kick Scooter

The Hikole is one of those rare kick scooters for adults commuting that teenagers can take out to stunt around the town.

This cool kick scooter comes with an adjustable frame with rubber-gripped handlebars at its top. It helps prevent potential slippages and slidings during quick maneuvers. So while your teenager feels like going pro, you can be free of worries.

You can collapse the scooter with a simple pull of the lever that folds it up within seconds, reducing its length less than half of its actual dimension. It boasts a pair of large 200mm wheels that come incorporated with rust-proof ABEC-7 grade bearings to provide you with much smoother rides.

The large wheels can accelerate your speed with a satisfactorily less effort. And with a fast-acting rear fender, you can bring it to a halt within split seconds. Besides, the precise fitment of the brake to its surrounding curvature prevents any sort of heated friction to extend its lifespan.

You’ll have to worry a little about its deck too. Its 5.3-inch width allows lots of space to move your feet around with comfort. The sturdy overall build enables it to cope with tough circumstances, making it the best kick scooter for wet weather in our list.

Read the full Hikole Scooter Review here.

hikole adult teen kick scooter


Highly-durable, sturdy build.
Withstands wet weather, and rust.
Doubles up as a teenage stunt scooter.
Takes little space for storage.


Unfolding takes some effort.

Swagtron Commuter Kick Scooter for Adults

Over the years, Swagtron has brought a wide range of scooters for kids and teens. And now, they’ve brought this titan kick scooter for adults to fill the void of their unique collection. With its classy 200mm large spoked-wheels, you can breeze through the sidewalks with more coverage and smoothness.

What makes it stand out among its competitors is not its super lightweight build that weighs around 9.5 pounds, but its astounding weight capacity of 230 pounds. It undoubtedly will surprise many, thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminum it has been built with.

The easy-to-fold kick scooter also offers a handlebar that takes a mere few snaps while adjusting it. Meaning, you can carry it with you in stores or workplaces when in a hurry without any hassle. Another of its unique features is its alarm bell, which indubitably is a rarity among kick scooters these days. It lets you alert the people in front of you the way you would with your bike.

Its deck is also full enough to accommodate any size of feet. The deck has a non-slip grip tape as well, so you never lose your position in the middle of your ride. The rear fender will make your trips further convenient with quick stoppings and slowing-downs without much pressure.

Swagtron Commuter Kick Scooter for Adults


Super lightweight build.
Superior weight capacity.
Non-slip tape on the deck.
Ringing bell.


The headset gets squeaky at times.

Razor A6 Kick Scooter

We have yet another adult kick scooter from Razor, and this one is specifically built for taller riders. One distinctive feature that keeps it ahead of its competitors is its extra-large wheels that are 250mm in diameter. The wheelset surely outsizes any other scooter wheelsets in the market to provide you with exceptionally smoother rides.

The handlebars come with comfy rubberized grips, allowing you to take control of the handlings and turnings during high-speed rides in the most comfortable way. Also, it has one of the most extended decks in the market, along with a spacious width to give both of your feet enough room to rest on. It has got a non-slip tape on it as well, so it’s unlikely that you’ll face significant slippages.

With its friction fender brake in its rear, you can bring your scooter at a sudden halt or slow it down without much effort. The brake also comes with a heat-absorbing technology, so you won’t have to worry about wearing the wheels any time soon.

Its high-grade aluminum build adds to the frame’s durability while decreasing the overall weight. More so, Razor’s patented quick-fold mechanism will allow you to fold it within two or three seconds. And since they’ve engineered it for taller riders, don’t get surprised to see its extra-long handlebar that expands up to 42 inches.

Razor A6 Kick Scooter


Extra-long handlebar for taller riders.
Long and spacious deck.
Huge, shock-absorbing PU wheels.
Anti-rattle technology.
The sturdy build holds up to 220 lbs of weight.


Not-so-durable bearings.

Globber One Kick Scooter

A list of quality kick scooter always seems incomplete without Gobbler, which translates into an internationally successful brand. This Adult One is another of their quality additions having a top-quality metallic build with a powder-coat finish.

The scooter comes with a simplistic handbrake connected to its rear, which allows comfortable stoppings and slow-downs in the good old way. With a diameter of 188mm, its wheels are reasonably large to give you comfortable rides.

The top-grade PU wheels are also robust enough to break through rough terrains. In fact, it’s one of those sturdiest kick scooter wheels in the market that are capable of taking beatings likewise as a dirt scooter. If you’re looking for such tough a wheelset, you can trust this pair without worries.

It also comes with an easy-to-fold mechanism, although its weight may hinder you in several circumstances. But again, it’s weight is the result of its sturdy build that can withstand an excess of 220 pounds of weight. Besides, it has a deftly engineered headset that is built to last and won’t budge you with squeaks or rattles throughout your rides.

The scooter also does an excellent job during rainy days. It has an all-covering mudguard that protects the tires and the deck from muddy splashes while also serving as a quick rear brake.

Globber One Kick Scooter


Sturdiest wheelset with excellent impact-resistance.
Superior weight capacity.
Excellent handbrake.
Highly-durable headset.


Not lightweight.

Schwinn Adult Shuffle Scooter

The appearance of Schwinn’s Adult Shuffle scooter certainly raises a few obvious questions, such as- is it a bike? Or is it a scooter? Whatever way you answer, the definitive thing is- it’s for bike lovers.

Those who’re familiar with Schwinn, its quirky look, will definitely make a sense to them. It’s a scooter that’ll give you exciting rides like no one else. They’ve deliberately incorporated the scooter with a bicycle front wheel, which adds to its charm.

You can ride it like every other scooter, but it’ll make you feel like riding a traditional bicycle. It’s a scooter for those who won’t mind having a few childish blushes when riding it along. Also, you have to mind its heavier weight, which is weightier indeed than most of its competitors.

The impressive, elegant looking scooter won’t fold, and neither is it portable or space-friendly by any means. So if you purchase it, remember to treat it as a bike. But despite its heavyweight and massive size, controlling or balancing it is a piece of cake. Besides, it comes with a pair of bike-like handbrakes to provide you with high-precision control.

One thing that disappointed us most is its narrow deck. It’s a real pity that there’s too little space on the deck of so enormous a scooter. Meaning, it won’t suit those with poor stability in footwork.

Schwinn Adult Shuffle Scooter


Classic, elegant bike-style appearance.
Flip-out kickstand.
Comfy grip with curved handlebars.
Superior control with the jumping-offs.


Narrow deck.
Bulky, weighty, non-portable build.

Micro Kickboard Adult Kick Scooter

The black and white combo seems ever so classier indeed. And that’s exactly what has been mastered in this Micro Kickboard. It undoubtedly will make your riding look more elegant and appealing when you boss around the neighborhood. But looks aside, the scooter has much more to offer.

It has a pair of wheels that arguably boast the highest rebound PU layers. They are made to hold up against the toughest of surfaces without disturbing the serenity of your rides. Its low kick height is another feature that makes it stand out among its competitors. It frees up your knees, requiring no bending at all. So you can set out for longer rides without tiring yourself a bit.

Its hinged rear fender makes both the brake and the wheel to last longer by reducing the amount of friction. Tall guys will love it even more since it allows the handlebar to be heightened up to 38 inches.

However, a lot may feel disappointed when attempting to rest both of their feet onto the deck. Despite providing the effortless ridings with its low height, the deck only gives room for one foot. Nevertheless, all the top-notch components assembled in a lightweight, cool-looking scooter is what many will find attractive enough to invest their money in.

micro kickboard scooters


Stylish appearance and feel.
Sturdy, lightweight build.
Tall handlebar.
Low-kick height.


The deck is too narrow.
Pricier compared to others.

Micro Suspension Scooter

While all the rest of the scooters we have reviewed here do not come with a suspension system, this scooter from Micro comes with two.

If you live in a place where uneven surfaces make you rattle all the time, or if your daily route involves even tougher pathways to give you bumpy rides, this scooter can come to your rescue. Both in its front and rear, it has high-tensile springs to help you achieve smoothness in your trips, even on the roughest of terrains. More so, you can adjust the rear suspension according to your body weight for eliminating the hindrances whatsoever.

Apart from the suspension, you’ll find smoothness in its handlebars too, which are easily adjustable. Don’t even worry about the problems with height if you’re taller than average people. And it comes with a folding mechanism, which takes a few button presses to fold into a more easy-to-carry, lightweight structure.

However, the suspension might cause the unfolding to take a few seconds more since it keeps stretching as you move it. Nonetheless, it won’t be that strenuous of a job when you get used to it. The dual-suspension system giving it the distinction from all the above models in our list means you are to pick it only if you want to get rid of the tough-to-tackle shocks and impacts you face in your daily rides.

Micro Suspension Scooter


High-tensile suspension system.
Easy adjustability.
Perfect for hard-to-tackle impacts.


Not lightweight.
Keeps producing squeaky noises.

XOOTR Mg Kick Scooters for Heavy Adults and teens

Whenever it comes to combining quality, convenience, and lightness in weight in scooters, Xootr is a name that will keep popping up in every enthusiast’s mind. But that’s not what sets this Xootr Mg aside from its rivals on our list. The distinction in this scooter doesn’t lay within its lightweight but within its incredible weight capacity.

Where it weighs no more than nine and a half pounds, it can withstand an astounding 800 pounds of weight. With a mere 300 lb kick scooter being so scarce nowadays, that’s undoubtedly more than a plus, especially for the big guys.

The scooter comes with a BMX-style braking system that connects to both its front and rear. When you consider its suitability to weighty riders, the move is astute indeed. No matter how forcefully it gets kicked, the highly-competent pair of brakes will bring it to a halt stably.

And the makers have been meticulous enough to make the sturdy deck adequately spacious to accommodate a large pair of shoes. Besides, they’ve dropped it down for a much lower height as well; even a taller guy with 6’7’’ body height can ride it smoothly without tiring their feet. 

With so many goodnesses, along with the high durability, the product has to be one of the best kick scooters for adults that we bet will live up to your expectations.

XOOTR Mg Kick Scooter


Unbeatable weight capacity.
Spacious deep-drop deck.
Highly-competent handbrakes.
Stunning powder-coat finish.


Not-so-big wheels.
Low impact resistance.

YONOS Electric Kick Scooter

If you happen to find kicks and push too tiresome, we have this electric scooter from Yonos to introduce you with.

Despite running on electricity, with batteries involved, the scooter looks nowhere near bulky. And the robust aluminum alloy builds, although the heaviest in our list, is not that weighty like most of the electric scooters. All the wirings and electrical components come hidden under its sizeable spacious deck, which has comfy nonslip padding over it.

It runs on through a powerful 350-watt motor that uses three batteries of 12v. The power supply provides its 8.5-inch pneumatic wheels with outstanding energy. You can expect to achieve 15.5 mph speed within a minute or two, which can take you beyond 16 miles. It’ll mostly depend on your body weight, though, and it can carry up to 310 lbs of weight.

The scooter cares for your safety as well. It has a highly-responsive ventilated disc brake at its rear to give you maximum comfort in control. As a whole, it performs excellently well with weighty riders, providing a satisfactory range and speed, making it a splendid choice of among kick scooters for heavy adults.

YONOS Electric Kick Scooter


Excellent weight capacity.
Good mileage and speed.
Folding mechanism.
Comfy and spacious non-slip deck.


A bit high power consumption.

How to Choose the Best Adult Kick Scooters: The Ultimate Buying Guide

kick scooters for heavy adults

There are several essential aspects you should keep a close eye on while making a purchase. In this complete buying guide, we’ll help you decide on settling for the perfect adult scooter with all the right components, so your investment keeps its worth.

Know Your Purpose

Adults mostly prefer riding kick scooters for two primary purposes:

Whichever your purpose is, your considerations should revolve around the following three crucial points:


What effort it takes from you while bringing it out and roaming around regularly.


How well, far, or fast the scooter would glide.

Quality of the Rides

How comfortable the scooter is to ride, or how much it can transmit vibrations from the ground.

All these considerations are directly affected by various technical features of a kick scooter, which we’re now going to discuss in detail.

Wheel Size

scooters for adults over 100kg

The wheel size in kick scooters is undoubtedly the most distinctive feature amongst all.

Kick scooters mostly come with polyurethane (PU)-threaded wheels having an embedded plastic core inside. For wheels to be used on urban surfaces, Polyurethane is a highly effective material.

Be it a skateboard, quad-roller-skate, or inline-skate; you’re likely to find PU everywhere. This lightweight, water-resistant material provides a substantial amount of grip and rebound.

1. Large Wheels: Diameter 180mm, 200mm, or 230mm

Large wheels are the right choice for faster rides with fewer vibrations for added comfort, but they make your scooter a bit hard to lift and drag.


2. Small Wheels: Diameter 100mm, 120mm, 125mm, or 145mm

Smaller wheels are excellent for portability, but they provide slower rides compared to the large ones. And with more vibrations, they’re less comfortable to ride too.


Wheel Resistance

The resistance in wheels during rolling on the surface has a significant impact on your riding quality and speed.

Although the majority of the scooter wheels are PU-made, the resistance may vary because of the quality of the build. Wheels with lesser resistance provide more swift rides and reduce the amount of labor required for each push.

The size of the wheels plays a big part in it as well. Larger, stiffer wheels tend to be less-resistive than the smaller ones regardless of the surface.

Bearing Quality and Grades

Kick scooters come with a similar type of bearing that skateboards or inline skate wheels use. And it’s the 608 bearings to be more specific. Every scooter comes with two bearings mounted in two-wheel hubs.

For ensuring better wheel performance, you need to pick the rightly-rated bearing.

ABEC standard is recognized as the universal bearing rating scale, which stands for Annular Bearing Engineering Committee. All the odd-numbered grades ranging from 1 to 9 mark the precision levels from lowest to highest. Kick scooters wheels mostly come incorporated with bearings that are rated either 5 or 7.

With higher precision grades, you get lower rolling friction. And the smaller the resistance, the longer gets the glides per push. This equation directly indicates how fast or slow your rides will be.

However, not every bearing that comes with the same rating has equal quality. A well crafted ABEC-5 can have a better rolling potential than a poor-quality ABEC-7.

Material matters as well. The material of scooter bearing can be steel, ceramic, or titanium. The quality of steel bearings depends on its make while titanium bearings are of the highest quality, performance, and durability. Ceramic is waterproof and provides faster rolls, but can be brittle during high-impact rides.

Deck Size

300 lb kick scooter

The deck size in kick scooters tends to proportionate its wheel size. In general, larger wheels are paired with a larger-size deck and vice versa.

Large-size decks are more comfortable to rest your feet on or off. They allow you to shift your body weight and reposition your feet with more convenience. Also, with a sizeable deck comes a longer wheelbase, which makes your long rides more efficient by helping you keep the balance while rolling. Additionally, it keeps your scooter from wiggles for a more consistent ride.

However, larger decks tend to be heavier, therefore, require more effort while speeding up or slowing down.

Smaller decks, on the other hand, are lightweight and take less effort in speed controls. But they limit your space to handicap your footwork and can get wiggly at times.

We recommend small-size decks only when portability is your prime concern. Otherwise, you’ll be wise to go for larger decks for better comfort in riding.

Deck Height

In scooters, the distance between the upper deck surface and the ground is referred to as the deck height. This one of the most influencing factors that determines your riding comfort, yet it goes neglected by many.

Usually, with a lower deck size, you’ll feel more comfortable while pushing your scooter. A low deck allows you to push your feet against the road without having to bend the knee of your other feet that much. And it increases your stability by lowering the center of gravity.

Many manufacturers nowadays are adopting the “deep-drop” design that is borrowed from skateboards and several longboards in their kick scooters to lower the deck height. This kind of deck is kind of challenging to produce and expensive as well. So you’ll find them in some high-end scooters only.

Lower decks have a drawback, by the way. It increases the chances of scraping the deck-bottom against hump-like raised surfaces.

Nevertheless, you should always pick a deck height as low as you can to ensure an overall comfort in riding.

Folding Mechanism

kick scooters for adults commuting

Unlike the dirt scooters or stunt scooters, most of the kick scooters come with a folding mechanism.

A hinge between the steering column and the scooter deck makes up for a folding mechanism in the majority of scooters.

Probably the most common type among all is the three-action mechanism. It involves a simplistic locking-pin loaded with a spring—the pin shifts between two alternate positions to allow folding or unfolding of the scooter.

The folding and unfolding process is something as followed:

Kick scooters these days mostly use variations of this mechanism. Except for some brands, who have made it further easy by eliminating the steps no (1) and (3), which translates into the single-action mechanism. For instance, Hudora’s patented “One-step-easy” or “Heavy-duty” and GlideCo’s “Single-Key-Single-Action” mechanism.

Now let’s get things straight. What a folding mechanism primarily affects is convenience and practicality.

For a scooter used for daily commutes, the folding has to be quick and effortless. If that’s the case, we recommend the single-action mechanism, which typically allows folding or unfolding within a second.

But when you intend to use it in your leisures, like the weekend fun rides, you’ll more likely need to do the foldings or unfoldings while taking it out or putting it into your car boot. In that case, you can completely cut down the worries as it’ll hardly matter what system your scooter uses.

In general, folding mechanisms have little to do with scooter performance. But, if the quality is poor, you may suffer unusual looseness, which may result in low-precision rides. And in the worst-case scenario, the folding-joint may break loose entirely because of the excessive stress that it may not withstand.

Suspension or Shock Absorbers

The suspension or shock-absorbing mechanism in kick scooters are mostly spring-based. You may find it either in a scooter’s front or rear and in some models, both.

A few might get surprised to know that most of the models from major international companies do not offer suspensions in their scooters while it’s a common feature in cheaper OEMs and kick scooters that you’ll find in local sports outlets. It might be because of the purported value of money that intrigues the customer.

Many European models nowadays, though, feature suspensions, thanks to the ever-growing unpredictabilities of the sidewalk surfaces.

Suspensions are meant to provide more comfortable rides by absorbing the shocks and impacts on uneven, rough surfaces, and they seem to do that competently. But at the same time, they bring along a few inconveniences.

Firstly, they add lots of weight to your scooter and encumber its portability. Besides, they generate a lot of rattles and squeaks during the rides with their constant movements. For the same reason, they are more prone to wearing out and even breakages. And lastly, they tend to make your scooter less responsive by taking away some energy from the pushes for its oscillations.

So it’s all up to you whether you’ll prefer comfort in riding or deal with all those potential hassles.

Yet, we recommend going for a suspension-scooter only when you’re well-aware of the roughness of your daily route. Most people like to forgo this feature in their scooters. And when you consider the fact that skateboarders and inline-skaters have been bossing around all types of surfaces on tinier wheels for ages without complaining, it becomes more evident.

If the suspension feature still seems important to you, nevertheless, you can go for a few lighter alternatives mentioned below.


kick scooters for tall riders

More and more manufacturers are implementing rear fenders in their scooters instead of the old-style handbrakes.

Bicycle-style handbrakes, although requiring lesser reaction time than fender brakes, add weight to your scooter while increasing overall complexities. Besides, the number of scooters with a handbrake is decreasing day by day, limiting your purchase options.

Rear fenders act more effectively than handbrakes as they double up as friction brakes on the scooter’s rear wheel. It only requires a little push of your backheel or toe to do the stopping or slow-down. You’ll only need a brief period of practice to get used to it.


To ensure better control in steering and overall convenience, you need quality handlebars that are comfortable to grip as well. You also need a pair of handlebars that properly adjust your height.

Among T-bar and Y-bar that most adult kick scooters come with, you can choose whatever you prefer since it hardly impacts the scooter performance. However, for day-to-day commuting, T-bar gives you more natural control with less effort because of their simplicity.

Overall Build Quality

Apart from the technical specs, the overall build quality hugely impacts a kick scooter’s performance and quality of the ride.

Scooters from less-known brands or the ones produced by local stores tend to attract customers with low price tags where quality isn’t a priority. The well-renowned brands, on the other hand, have their reputation to keep, and therefore, they opt to provide more durable quality scooters.

So it’s essential for you not to compromise the quality. You must pick a scooter from a trusted brand to remain free of the below-mentioned worries.

We recommend never to hesitate to spend a few more bucks on a quality scooter, instead of settling out with a cheap one.

Other Features

Kickstands and carry straps are most common among the additional features offered in several adult kick scooters.

A kickstand allows you to rest your scooter anywhere conveniently without having to lay it on the ground. Carry straps, on the other hand, makes the portability of your scooter even more compact and more manageable by letting you carry it across the shoulders while traveling through public transports.

However, these features have nothing to do with your riding comfort or performance. So you should keep them out of considerations while purchasing unless you really feel they’re necessary for day-to-day use.

A Few Tips for Maintaining Your Kick Scooter

big wheel scooter for adults

If you want your kick scooter to serve you for a long time with an increased lifespan, a few general maintenance tips will come in handy. The basic maintenance requires a proper assemblage, tightened bolts, safe storage, and regular cleaning.

Down below, we’ve listed a few commonly encountered issues along with their primary solutions.

Rusty Bearings

Steel bearings are the likeliest to get rusted when they’re wet. So you must avoid riding on wet circumstances to prevent the bearings from rusting.

When you accidentally wet your bearings, make sure you dry them out as soon as possible. Then you need to rub 3-in-1 chain lube in small portions to clean it thoroughly. Remember to avoid WD40 oil as they will ruin the bearings by degreasing the inner oil.

Wheel Coming Out of Line

The wheel comes out of line usually because of a loosened clamp. Tightening the clamp should fix it right away. If it doesn’t, then you’ll need to take the wheel off and tighten the ICS bolt. Also, ensure the collar clamp is retightened.

Squeaks and Rattles

The prime reason behind scooters making rattling sound is an improper assemblage. If the variety of parts and components confuse you, check the manufacturer’s manual.

In most cases, the improper alignment of the steering column with the headset causes such issues, so you need to make sure they’re appropriately assembled. Also, if the height locking pin doesn’t fix stiffly enough to the steering column, it can create noises.

Troubles with the Headset

A kick scooter headset pretty much resembles the bike headsets. It comes with several delicate moving components that require proper care. Riding your scooter in the rain may rust the headset and cause the bearing case to entirely fall apart.

It’s essential to keep it free of mud, grimes, and water. For cleaning it thoroughly, you may have to disassemble it as well. And while doing so, remember to use lubricants (such as 3-in-1 chain lube) and never WD40.

However, the headset is one of the wearable parts in a kick scooter, and you may need to exchange it for a new one at some point.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Absolutely. Scooters are getting popular day by day for adults commuting. They can quickly help you move shorter distances and even longer ones in the most convenient and fun way. As long as you’re well-aware of the safety concerns, you’re always good to go. We recommend wearing protective gear like helmets and knee-guards to make sure of safe rides.

For day to day commuting, it has to be kick scooters. They take less effort in dragging and setting out. You can move from one place to another through peaceful maneuvers. Also, they allow you to fold them into compact sizes to offer the portability that dirt scooters or stunt scooters wouldn’t. You can pick any of the above-reviewed products for convenient diurnal commuting.

Without a doubt. Usually, with a scooter, you can get to a place 2-3 times faster than getting there on foot. And if you are a walker with an average pace, it can be even 5 times faster.

Mostly, yes. However, it’s good for you to check the rulings set by local authorities.

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Why not. Kick scooters are hardly just a kids’ game anymore. Whichever state you visit in the US, you’ll see adults commuting on their scooters. Many of them use it as the primary medium of daily transport as well.

Well, there’s no exact camshafts, nitrous, or turbochargers to make kick scooters go faster. But you can take some practical measures to make your scooter run faster. For instance, you can exchange the bearings for smoother and faster ones, or you may opt for replacing the wheels with bigger ones. Also, keeping the bearings and the wheel joints always lubed can make your scooter go faster as well.

It’s Rolling Time!

We have reached the end of this lengthy write-up. Hopefully, our effort will be of help when you make your purchase.

Now you know about all that matters while choosing the perfect scooter. And with the reviews on the best adult kick scooters right before you, it’s time to make a decent purchase.

So wait no more, get the one that gets along with your style and preference and start rolling right away!

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